As I am composing this note—Saturday morning, November 7, 2020—all eyes are on the presidential election. AP, Fox, and CNN just projected a Biden/Harris win.

We have been hearing anecdotes of voter fraud, poll watcher obstruction, and possible computer “glitches” that may have changed the outcome. 

Investigations are underway, and at least one state has triggered an automatic recount.

As we gaze off into the distant states, there is a power grab underway in our very own backyard!

I’ve heard many say, “At least we saved Texas!” The results of Texas elections show that the Texas House will remain in the hands of Republicans, and the Texas Senate Republicans still retain a majority but lost their “super majority.”

All great reasons to celebrate! Right?

Not so fast!

There are two reasons to be very concerned about Texas!

One: The looming threat of an 87th legislative session that will keep citizens OUT of the Capitol.

A survey of Texas House members a few weeks back shows that all but five legislators are content with the idea of limiting the access of citizens to the 87th Session of the Texas Legislature.

This is completely unacceptable to the citizens who have hired/elected their representatives. The “Pink Dome” is owned by the citizens. The employees/representatives work for the citizens. It is our House, and they work for us. We will not be denied access to oversee their labors. We refuse to participate “remotely.”

Two: The betrayal of Texas Republicans by Dade Phelan in his attempt to become speaker.

State Rep. Dade Phelan recently announced that he had sought and gained the support of over 30 Democrats to ensure his election as Speaker of the House in the 87th legislative session. Along with over 50 Republicans, which he calls a “super majority,” he betrays the Republican Caucus and all grassroots conservative Republicans. In short, he has betrayed the entire Republican Party!

In June of 2019, a Rice University study ranked Phelan as the 59th “most conservative” legislator—59th out of 81 Republicans! Mr. Phelan also earned a 49 out of 100 in the Fiscal Responsibility Index issued by Empower Texans. According to the 2019 Equality Texas Legislative Scorecard, Mr. Phelan was one of only three Republicans to receive a “passing grade” for his pro-LGBT activity.

Is this the type of leadership Texas Republicans really want?

It is assumed, among ordinary citizens, that whichever party has the majority also has control of the House. This includes selecting the Speaker of the House. Why has Mr. Phelan gone to the Democrats for his election? This is the same “trick” that disgraced Speaker Straus used to get elected several times.

The Republican Caucus created rules for the selection of a speaker candidate from within the caucus. According to the rules, caucus members then would support the candidate selected from within their ranks on the floor vote. Mr. Phelan’s breaking of this rule is a poke in the eye of the Republican Caucus as well as all of the Republicans in the State of Texas.

Will Texans stand for this? I hope not! 

It is time to contact your representative, your SREC members, and your local Republican Party to speak strongly against this!

Texans need to return their gaze to their own backyard! The peaceful coup of the Texas House is taking place right under our nose!

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Matt Long

Christian, Conservative, Native Texan, President of The Fredericksburg Tea Party and host of The Matt Long Show on The Hill Country Patriot.


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