Until sophisticated liberals took over the U.S. Supreme Court, most folks recognized normative values.

One of the most important of the normative values of a sustainable culture is the general idea that it is good for males and females to marry and make babies in stable relationships. I assert that cultures that don’t do this are committing suicide.

The interesting thing about folks who reject normative values is that they slowly spin out of control, and they almost have to. If you jettison all the lessons of history based on your own logic, you really have no anchor. We’ve been going this way for some time, but the stupidity is sufficient enough that ordinary people may start noticing that things are amiss.

This latest development has been the predictable result of the rejection of the fact that men and women are tangibly different.

You must understand that liberals reject this idea, and they really must. The modern liberal mindset rejects all lessons from history almost by definition. Their “reasoning” is more important than the actual experience of human culture. The classical conservatives are just the opposite and can cling to “the way we’ve always done it” too strongly.

Though classical liberalism did not fear examination or debate, the modern liberal Democrat is all about cancel culture and knows only force and violence.

For example, the classical liberal would not use force to shut down a baker who chooses not to bake the cake, but the modern Democrat will use all means necessary, including fake reviews and finding out who works at the bakery and any bakery customers and shutting them all down, too. This is all couched in the “make them pay” mindset. So, it’s moved from “let’s discuss this” to “I don’t care about anything other than making you adopt my mindset or face starvation.”

The last few months have given us a peek at what the end of this game looks like, as young men win high school and college track meets where young women are supposed to be the only ones racing.

Wait until we send our Olympic track team and the majority of them are actually humans with XY chromosomes (what we used to call “male”). Will the non-ideological women take notice of this development?

Men and women are different. The Venn diagram of their capabilities overlap in most areas, and some women are stronger than some men. However, zero percent of all men can make babies, and the repercussions of the physiology that supports baby-making is that the average man is stronger than the average woman, and the average male track star will win over the average female track star who is equally situated. This truth is neither a product of bigotry nor “hate science.”

It doesn’t mean that some women are not faster than some men, of course; but at the upper end of the spectrum, it’ll be 99 percent male.

People are going to have to pick a side. Are men and women different or not? Should we end the separate-but-equal approach to jails, sporting events, gym lockers, bathrooms, clothing lines, etc.? Or is this what we should call normal?

I had clients in the women’s prison at Carswell who were forced to live with a large male who pretended to be a female and was in the prison. He actually had girlfriends in the prison. The prison system’s way of dealing with the complaints was to transfer this man from one prison to another and to move complainers around so that the complaints would be moot and had to be dismissed. These things really happen.

But it seems like this new trend of mis-wired men taking over female sports would be objectionable to ordinary people. The question is whether ordinary people have had enough to throw off the nonsense, or is it too late?

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Warren Norred

Warren Norred is an attorney in Arlington, Texas.