Many great citizens currently use the word “democracy” when referring to our United States government. I respectfully request review and reconsideration in the study of American history.

A democracy is precisely what too many elected and unelected bureaucrats are trying to accomplish. They are supportive when history is forgotten or rewritten. They discredit patriots who know history and applaud any who call our nation a “democracy.”

The United States has never been a democracy. This has become a commonly held, extremely dangerous myth.

“A republic, madam, if you can keep it!”

In a guest blog, Steven Knowlton wrote:

That was the response of Benjamin Franklin to a woman who asked him whether the newly formed United States of America was to be a republic or a monarchy. As he was leaving the last day of deliberation at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 Franklin was concerned about the future of the new nation. Like many of us today, others present at the Convention were also doubtful. In a letter to John Taylor, John Adams wrote, “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

Democracy is 51% majority mob rule. Mob rule produces increasing chaos, which can never be sustained. Such governments often end up in a police state tyranny to control chaos. Democracy means if there are three people voting and two of them decide the third fellow should be lynched, he can be lynched by majority vote. We all know a majority can be wrong (and unconstitutional) as the Supreme Court was in the Dred Scott decision of 1857, stunningly declaring that blacks could be treated as property, not persons.

The United States is NOT a democracy!!! I cringe and grieve when I often hear anyone in the U.S.A. or another nation refer to our beloved nation as a democracy. Lurking enemies within and without yearn to undermine the United States sovereignty and strength. Those seeking to tear down our constitutional Republic delight in reinforcing this erroneous, perilous democracy concept.

We are a Republic! We use (non-corrupt?) majority vote to elect representatives who are sworn in to uphold the Constitution. Too many of those we elect swear faithfulness to our rule of law, then cast it aside when in office. They aim to push their opinions and self-interest agendas instead of the law of our land.

We are a Republic! “I pledge allegiance to the flag … and to the Republic for which it stands.” A Republic is ruled, governed by the Constitution, not people or majority votes. The U.S.A. Constitution is what rules our nation and supersedes all bias or clamorous movements. Constitutional changes were designed by our Founders to be an arduous process with many checks and balances, preventing any mob rule or branch of government exercising runaway power.

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