Each of us has a journey and an experience that leads us to this place. Mine started in 2016 when I threw my hat into the political arena.

It started with the Texas State Republican Party convention, where my organization attended to share our informed consent message. With a great reception and flying high off the energy from the warm welcome, I naively jumped into the Democrat convention, believing a fraction of the welcome would make my time worth it.

What a surprise it was—a disheartening, shocking surprise. The party of compassion and progress was filled with vitriol and hate.

Grown men screamed in my face that my daughter’s life was worth their greater good (actual comments).

They called me stupid, a baby killer. They argued that mothers were too incompetent to raise their own children, homeschool should be outlawed, and reliance on the government was our option.

“Make the broken systems better,” they screamed. What an empowering message.

The threats were so intense the police were forced to stand guard at our booth and escort us to our cars.

All because a few mothers decided to show up and have a discussion they didn’t like.

It was a shocking and disgusting display of hypocrisy as young women stormed the convention hall with coat hangers and profanity-laced, vulgar displays of promotional material not suitable for social media.

On Friday, I voted for freedom and liberty. I voted as a woman and as a single mother of three—including one with special needs—who have hope for their future.

I voted for them, for their country, for the future. I voted for prosperity and opportunity.

I rejected the lie they have been told. I voted against the victim mentality. I voted against a new normal and dark winter. I voted against censorship. I voted against the overreach of government into our homes. I voted against raising a generation of entitled, uneducated young people who have been taught to hate God and country.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, my commitment remains to raise compassionate, empowered young adults who can see past the media sensationalism created to divide them. I commit to teaching them they don’t get the luxury of standing by—they must be the change of the world.

I will fight for our families and against corruption and the industry that seeks to destroy the soul of America.

The election will pass, the narratives will change, but our focus on our future must remain.

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Jackie Schlegel

Jackie Schlegel is the executive director of Texans For Vaccine Choice.