Fort Worth ISD, over the past several years, has been in steady decline. From collapsing enrollment rates to collapsing grade level scores, the ISD needs transformational change.

The ISD has third-grade students only at 19 percent grade level, and almost 20 percent of FWISD students have left the ISD since 2016. The ISD has been plagued with controversy after controversy, from the 2016 transgender restroom policy to labeling police officers as part of white supremacy in 2020 to supporting critical race theory and removing males and females from the health curriculum. Fort Worth ISD spends more than $2 million a year on divisive and useless racial and social justice activism with the equity department. A racial equity committee chair even resigned in 2021 because she doxxed parents who sued the ISD to stop a mask mandate. The ISD is headed in the wrong direction and is in dire need of bold, conservative leadership.

When we elect conservatives, we expect them to do their job and represent the conservative values they ran on. Unfortunately, in Texas, there are those elected officials that betray such values and backstab the people who helped them get elected into office. One of those elected officials is Fort Worth school board trustee CJ Evans. Trustee Evans was a civic voice of Tarrant County for the Leadership ISD racial equity nonprofit in 2019.

Leadership ISD promotes progressive ideology and critical race theory and trains potential candidates for school board. Its main goal is to infiltrate as many school boards across the state with candidates who will further indoctrinate our students into hating this nation and voting Democrat.

CJ Evans also voted for a mask mandate in the late summer of 2021, stating, “Personal Liberties and freedoms of individuals need to be put aside temporality to guard them for everyone for the long term.” The CDC already stated that masks are not effective, and to this day, trustee Evans has not apologized for her unacceptable vote that was not based on science but rather infringed on everyone’s rights.

Trustee Evans voted with the Fort Worth school board progressives in January 2022 to modify the redistricting map to move one neighborhood that had a progressive candidate into a district that had an empty seat. This progressive candidate ultimately won this seat as a result of this vote and has promoted critical race theory and social justice activism.

Trustee Evans voted to accept the new superintendent, Dr. Angelica Ramsey, who wrote a 2013 dissertation on Latina critical race theory and bashed parents as “haters” at a LULAC meeting in October of 2022.

Trustee Evans continues to support the racial equity department and has done nothing to address the lack of transparency the racial equity committee has had ever since they closed their doors to the public last year.

With only 19 percent of third-grade students on grade level and with enrollment collapsing in Fort Worth ISD, the ISD continues to spend millions on wokeness that does nothing to address these issues. We cannot support fake conservatives who will backstab us with social justice activism, support progressive nonprofits such as Leadership ISD, and vote to mask up our kids and promote critical race theory. We need strong conservatives who will fight against all of this madness and protect our students.

Conservatives cannot be spineless during the culture war. The time of niceness is over, and the time to defend our nation and values needs to be prioritized over friendship and the status quo.

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Carlos Turcios

Carlos Turcios is currently the Turning Point USA UTA chapter President and a Republican Precinct Chair.