The 88th Texas legislature has ended, as has a failed special session. Today, the second special session begins. I have a message for our legislators.

To say this session was a huge disappointment for conservatives, Republican voters, homeowners, school choice supporters, civil libertarians, the chronically ill, border communities, and anyone who enjoys air conditioning and lights, would be an understatement.

While I applaud the legislature for funding water infrastructure, expanding rural broadband, banning child sexual mutilation and sexually explicit materials in classrooms, and defining adult entertainment, I cannot ignore the momentous failures that loom far larger.

  • Failing to end Covid mandates (watered down).
  • Failing to pass school choice (SB 8/HB 100).
  • Failing to pass property tax reduction.
  • Failing to expand compassionate use (HB 1805).
  • Failing to prohibit hostile foreign land ownership (SB 147).
  • Failing to expand border security (HB 7).

Failure. Failure. Failure.

What was the point of all the hard work to get these people elected?

They promised to reflect our conservative Texas values and the will of the voters.

Some did. Some didn’t. Too many Republicans supported Democrat chairs and opposed core conservative principles for political reasons.

I am perhaps most disappointed in rural Republicans, many of whom I endorsed, turning their backs on the voters, and voting against their interests.

Personally, I have had it.

During this session, I watched, I judged, and I took names. I know who the self-serving, corrupt, and dishonest elected Republicans are, and I have them in my crosshairs.

Everyone wants to play it safe. Everyone wants to dance with the girl that brung ‘em. Lobbyists, superintendents, and the state get rich. The rest of us get shafted.

I’ve never been known to play the game or to play it safe, and I’m not starting now. I’m on the side of the millions of Texans that voted for reforms only to be laughed at by lying politicians that manipulated them for votes and power.

This is my call to every Texas Republican, conservative, and reformer regardless of party. These RINOs hurt us all. They victimized our state, our party, and our futures for their own power, wealth, and ego.

Just like William Travis at the Alamo, I have drawn a line in the sand. I will no longer support any Republican elected official who doesn’t put Texans first and support the conservative agenda of the Texas GOP.

Enjoy the benefits of running as a Republican? Support the Republican agenda. Period.

I am going on a RINO hunt. Will you join me?

No more half-loaves for Texas Conservatives. See you in the primaries.

Sid Miller

Sid Miller is in his third term as Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. He previously served as a member of the Texas House, a school board member, and a teacher. Sid is also a nationally renowned rodeo champion, as well as a farmer and rancher.