A rule proposed by the Biden administration would require foster parents to “affirm” LGBTQ lifestyles. This is being seen as a direct assault on Christian foster parents and faith-based placement organizations.

Yesterday, we asked readers if they thought foster parents should be required to affirm homosexual and queer lifestyles.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Texas already has a difficult time keeping enough Foster Families. Now, the DC left-leaning idiots want to handcuff them even more. I want DC to stay out of Texas business and politics. Most of these children are very young and there is no reason for this even to be an issue with them.” – Corrine Jung 

“Maybe the most appropriate response to the survey can be found by looking no further than Christmas itself: a father, mother, and child. The Holy Family is the perfect model, as it has been for centuries, throughout the civilized world.” – Lewis Edinburgh

“Regardless of religious convictions, affirming such lifestyles compares with affirming drug abuse or alcoholism.  There are so many physical and mental health issues associated with alternative sexual behaviors that it is actually cruel to support them. The better way is to love, care, and pray for them, explain the issues, and help them overcome the reason they feel that they must live a self-destructive life.” – Arthur Potter

“I believe the family was established by God as a father, a mother, and children. Requiring the LGBT views to be accepted by foster parents is another ‘woke’ agenda and shows discrimination against Christians and others who don’t believe in this leftist movement.” – Sandi Stephens

“I can not understand the mindset of indoctrinating children into a belief and support of a lifestyle that has suddenly become ‘required.’  Other than destroying our country from within, it seems there is no gain.” – Kent Kirby

“The Biden Administration is pushing a political agenda to promote immoral and sinful behaviors that have dire consequences on both sides of the grave.” – Anthony Cieszkiewicz

“Do the kids need a loving home or not? Why is EVERYTHING about a very small percentage of the population?” – Tara Souther

“It is utter nonsense to continue to push these liberal views upon those who are opening up their homes to provide some stability to children who have lived in less than desirable conditions! The children continue to be harmed when this sort of lifestyle is imposed upon them! Stop this madness!” – Deb Hillis 

“Prospective foster parents should NOT have to affirm gay lifestyles. Here’s a better idea. Clean out Washington DC of all these low-life, morally corrupt politicians.” – Nancy Wood

“Faith-based placement organizations have kept a toe hold in the foster care system, maintaining some sense of sanity in a system that is already a bastion of corruption.  Children are frequently needlessly placed in foster care because of the money involved.  The Biden administration wishes to open another avenue to expand moral corruption as well.” – Roger Taylor

“Federal government intrusion has already driven most Catholic charities out of the adoption business. They were, I believe, the largest adoption agency in the US. So the Fed either wants to have all orphans collected in government-run propaganda mills or transformed into the cadres of perversion it is increasingly relying on for its support.” – Micheal Nash

“I’m so sick of these people trying to normalize deviant behavior.” – Mary Matthews

“Once again, Biden plays to the extremists and ignores middle America. Common sense has left Washington!” – Priscilla Love

“Democrats want all our children in the hands of those that will sexualize them!” – Johnny Nail

“Not only should the Biden administration not have a say in the beliefs of foster parents, but I am unaware of how the Biden admin can even have a say about foster parents at all. Where in the Constitution is the responsibility for fostering children given to the federal government?” – Philip Johnson

“Not only no but anyone that has or affirms homosexual or queer lifestyles should NOT be a foster parent.  Is that really hard to understand?” – Garry Ludwig 

“Foster parenting should be more than food, shelter, and government regulations. Foster parents are entrusted with dispossessed children and are responsible for raising good citizens. Otherwise, they are no more than state-sanctioned institutional facilities operated at the retail level. It takes moral and righteous parents to moral and righteous children to adulthood.” – Dale Huls

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