An audit of Harris County’s 2022 election by the Texas Secretary of State found “multiple failures,” ranging from insufficient supplies at polling places to misreporting voter registrations.

Yesterday, we asked readers if Gov. Greg Abbott should add election security reform to the special session agenda.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“I started to answer yes to this question because election security is one of the top issues I hear from grassroots activists around the state (right next to border security). But what’s the point of adding more election security legislation when governments and individuals get away with completely ignoring the legislation we already have? The Harris County situation, like many others, was mostly a case of not following existing election law. Maybe we don’t need more laws, as much as we need enforcement of existing laws.” – Fran Rhodes
“Not only Election security, he needs to get them to reaffirm the law that gives the state A.G. authority to prosecute election fraud!!” – Tony Anderson
“As a Delegate to the 2022 Republican Convention, I spoke firsthand with other delegates, some from Harris County who were also election clerks. They confirmed witnessing cheating and underhand tactics in Harris County. We need stronger safeguards in every county.” – Dianna Allen
“Election integrity is at the heart of maintaining our republic and liberty.  This fiasco in Harris county is extremely disturbing.” – Roger Taylor
“We should not have more election security legislation until the laws already in place are enforced. Voters want to know what the SOS’s office is going to do about the infractions that were listed in the audit report. It is my understanding that the SOS’s office does not even respond in a timely manner to requests to remove non-eligible voters in Harris County off of the rolls. How difficult can that be? Having laws that are not enforced is a really bad idea.” – Roxann Bilger
“Without faith in the meaningfulness of our efforts at the polls, the long experiment of a representative republic is at an end.” – John Bolgiano
“Why add another topic to the special session while ‘dictator‘ Dade Phelan is in charge?” – Donita Satterwhite
“I answered No to adding election security reform to another special session. Not because I do not want election reform or think it is not important but because the House is corrupt and holds Texans like all of us in contempt. If we demand it, they will refuse it, period.” – Daniel Salerno
“Of course we should add it to the special session. I am not sure our elected officials realize this, but without election integrity and border security, we do not control our country.” – Gary Alford
“There were many questions about the legitimacy of the last two elections. We have got to have voter integrity if we ever hope to have honest elections.” – Cathy Hess
“I do not trust the TX 88th legislative session with election security reform. The governor should scrap all special sessions with the 88th and reboot with the 89th.” – Hanslin Peterson
“It should be added but as long as Phelan and the Democrats control the House nothing of real reform will ever pass.” – Pamala Millisor
“What difference does it make if they do more? Nothing ever happens to anyone who breaks the current laws, so the only value in additional laws, just like no CRT to be taught in schools, will accomplish nothing but virtue signaling for a do-nothing Governor and House.” – Jack Duk
“Yes, we need more security in regards to Election Integrity!” – Carol Dean
“Even though I voted YES, I really don’t know if adding ‘election security reform to the special session agenda’ would help. Having worked as Election Judge, Precinct, Chair, and Poll Watcher, what I find most damaging to our elections is lack of HONEST volunteers. Even here in Conservative East Texas, we can’t find them. We have Precincts that don’t even have Republican Precinct Chairs…forget Poll Watchers!” – John R. Makow
“Until fraud and malfeasance concerning our voting system carry massive penalties the temptation to cheat is too tempting.” – Tobie Hall
“Voting and vote counting isn’t rocket science. Need mandatory prison time for voter fraud of any kind.” – John Hawes
“Yes! But expect nothing of value from the corrupt RINO House.” – H J Bronson
“I voted no only because it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money. The Texas House doesn’t pass anything the voters request. They have their own agenda. We voters need to correct this problem.” – Jim Stewart


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