The federal courts have blocked Texas from enforcing Senate Bill 4, which would make it a state crime to be in Texas illegally.

Yesterday, we asked readers if Texas officials should ignore the federal courts and begin enforcing the law anyway.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Texas is obligated to defend the border if the feds will not.” – Frances Davis
“If Texas does take a stand on this INVASION…Who will?” – John R. Makow
“If so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ can pass their own laws without repercussions, Texas can enforce the laws passed by its legislature.” – Tina Bartley
“In the absence of effective border security by the US government, the state of Texas has a responsibility to provide for that security.  The feds are derelict, the state must stand in the gap.” – Chris Breaux
“Our Federal system is designed to move slow. If we truly believe in our hearts how this system of government was created and why, then we should demonstrate this to the American People by not violating the Rule of Law or another constitutional principles and become like the other party.” – Greg Reinhart
“Bottom line: the rule of law is the rule of law. Just because bad bureaucrats or officials get away with garbage, there is a higher road.” – Lynn Baber
“If your home is being broken into, do you call the cops (who are only minutes away) or grab your Ruger? If someone at your table is choking, do you use the Heimlich Maneuver or call 911 and wait?” – Rick Goncher
“The federal judiciary is no longer a legitimate institution of government.” – Roger White
“If the Federal government can ignore federal immigration laws and allow the invasion of Texas and America, then Texas should be able to ‘ignore’ the current ruling and uphold SB4, which was legally enacted in 2023.” – Evelyn Montalvo
“I voted ‘no,’ even though I believe very strongly that our border is out of control under the Biden administration and that Texas SHOULD have the right to enforce the law. However, for all the rhetoric from myself and others regarding the rule of law, due process, and equal treatment, I can’t in good conscience also condone defying the same principles.” – Charlie Crowell
“As a country based upon laws, we are bound by the legal system.  There is a process for having legal decisions reviewed and approved/denied based on the facts surrounding the decision.  There is no legal right to ignore the law.  To ignore the process makes criminals of us all.” – Bob McCleskey
“If the federal government is unwilling to protect Texas, then we must do the job ourselves.” – Nina Kruzan
“It’s obvious the Biden administration is trying hard to destroy our country.  We need to stop the bleeding NOW.  This has gone on way too long.  These trespassers are coming in “Illegally” and should be dealt with accordingly!” – Bernadine Pearce
“The only side still listening to the courts are the Republicans. It’s beyond time for Texas to wake up and defend itself from foreign invaders.” – Catherine Buschold
“The federal court system is the loose thread that is unraveling our Constitutions, both federal and state.” – Don Bell
“While it’s painful to wait for the courts, Texas is a Law & Order state, and we must do that which is hard in order to do that which is right.  I pray the Courts decide soon and in favor of our right to self-protection.” – Liz Ellis
“I have faith that the Courts will find SB4 constitutional. These injunctions are temporary and nothing but a stall tactic to buy as much time as possible. Progressives are desperate for ignorant voters. They have no regard for human suffering or public safety.” – Thomas Camardo
“The constitution gives Texas the right to declare an invasion and protect our state. We are being invaded! This attack on us from within our own government is evil.” – Rosslyn Blake
“My first reaction was to say we should ignore the court and continue enforcement just as the blue states do, but that would make us no better than those lowlife commies. We must follow the rule of law if we have any hopes of getting our republic back.” – Phillip Stockwell
“It has become totally obvious that our own Federal government is determined beyond belief to destroy this country with illegal immigration, the spread of diseases, and with unfair and cruel laws and policies on the working American to cripple and destroy our entire lives.” – Nancy Wood
“We are not bound by unjust laws. Ask the Hebrew midwives, abolitionists, and Rosa Parks. We’re here because we’ve gone along with this nonsense for too long, and evil only gets more brazen in the face of tolerance.” – Elissa Harrell
“We need to endorse the law while we are waiting on all of this to happen in the courts. We have to use common sense here. Safety is too important. Biden doesn’t care about the courts or their opinions he just does what he wants.” – Tommy E. Parson
“We absolutely need to ignore both the Federal Government and if necessary, the court rulings if they persist in keeping our border open.” – Teresa Gould
“Who would think that we would have to fight the federal government for our own security.? Texas should do what is best for Texas and ignore the Biden tyrants, as they ignore Texas.” – Danny Thompson
“The authority of the US Constitution, which says a state may protect itself from invasion, supersedes the authority of current federal courts and Joe Biden, who refuses his mandatory duty to protect the country from an obvious invasion.” – Phyllis Ryser
“What are they going to do? Kick us out? Make my day!” – Louis Strohacker
“We have given ample opportunity for the Federal government to do something, and it’s obvious now that they are either working purposefully to subvert the law or just incapable of defending our borders and sovereignty. It is time that we use lethal force to repel these invaders.” – Eric Osterhout
“Texas should most definitely ignore the feds and do what is right.” – Charles Busby

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