An investigation has revealed that House Speaker Dade Phelan and his family have profited off a lucrative contract with a state agency during his tenure in office.

Yesterday, we asked readers if Texas officials and their immediate families be prohibited from having contracts with state and local government entities.

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Are our representatives so untrustworthy that we must turn over every rock?” – Diana Firestone
“Nothing like the fox guarding the hen house!” – Bob Davis
“No state, county, or city official should be able to have a company they are tied to be able to provide any service or product to a state, county, or city agency or department.  It is too easy to vote “yes” in your own favor.” – John Newberry
“This is just a perfect breeding ground for corruption.” – Linda Edmondson
“We have become so corrupt that anything is okay as long as you don’t get caught.” – Carroll Knight
“Phelan is the gift that just keeps on giving and won’t go away. It’s almost as if he looked at Biden and said, ‘Hold my beer.’ When are the people of Beaumont going to wake up to the fact that he’s not a conservative, let alone a Republican?” – Rick Goncher
“Texas state officials should be free to do business with the state WITH OVERSIGHT. Charging three times the going rate is a perfect example of why they need rules to follow. Write the rules. Pass the laws. Prosecute violators.” – Anthony Rogers
“As long as the family business competes fairly with other businesses and they would be the best choice even if they didn’t have someone connected to government I think it would be ok.” – Al Crable
“I don’t normally like to regulate capitalism; however, when people don’t control their own behavior, then an external force must be placed on those with no such conscience. … If our public officials cannot resist the temptation to make unethical choices, then they must be rejected by the lesser magistrates, removed from office, and prosecuted for ethics violations.” – Laura Nunn
“We know it’s unethical, but did he break the law?” – Thomas Camardo
“The famous quote, ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’, from the Roman poet, Juvenal, answered this question around 100 A.D. Elected officials are supposed to be watching the taxpayers’ interests, not instigating and profiting from their own interests. Sadly, government attracts, at all levels,  mostly amoral, greedy deceivers who worship money and not God.” – Jack Duk
“Unethical people will always do immoral practices when given the chance.” – Brent Shutt
“Of course, this is the reason many people get into politics. It’s why they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a job that pays $700/month. As long as there is no oversight, enforcement, or punishment the taxpayers will continue to be the losers in this arrangement.” – Steve Sullivan
“When we elect our officials for office, I don’t expect them to take advantage of our system to benefit themselves and their families.” – Madeline Bentivegna
“State Legislators should not be profiting from taxpayers.  It is never a fair deal for the taxpayers.” – Susan Valliant
“Phelan is obviously benefiting from an arrangement that should be classed as a conflict. Does not surprise anyone!” – George McClure
“This is not what was intended by our Founding Fathers. Too many politicians are getting wealthy at the expense of their constituents! It is disgraceful and should be stopped immediately at all levels of government!” – Deb Hillis
“I have noticed over and over people go to Austin for moral reasons but, soon get wrapped up in self-preservation.” – Gene Klutts
“Of course, state officials should NOT be doing business with the state. Very simply, this creates a conflict of interest and, as such, should be illegal!” – Charles Busbey
“What Dade Phelan “the Felon” has done is literally STEAL these millions from all of us! This should land him in prison for decades.” – David Turner
“Can you say, ‘conflict of interest’? Not to mention the clearest of reasons for killing all conservative interests.” – Ken Jenkins

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