The Republican Party of the largest county in House Speaker Dade Phelan’s district has censured him, opening the door for the State Republican Executive Committee to now do so. That action, in turn, would allow the state party to spend money opposing Phelan in the 2024 GOP primary.

Yesterday, we asked readers if they would vote to censure Phelan.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Phelan is an embarrassment to the party AND the state. It’s time he goes back into the private sector to live with the laws he’s promoted…” – Dana Kay

“Absofreakinglutely Phelan should be censured!” – Tony Anderson

“Not just censure, impeach the RINO.” – Mozelle Barr

“Phelan and his lackeys need to be voted out of office.” – Lane Burgess

“Speaker Phelan, who runs as a Republican, has proven he has little to no regard for the Republican Party of Texas, its platform, its principles, or its voters.  He does not deserve RPT support.” – Fran Rhodes

“Heck, yes! It is high time for the State Republican Executive Committee to censure Phelan. He desperately needs to be primaried-out! A true Republican does NOT give away committee chair positions to Democrats. A true Republican does NOT hold a sham vote on impeaching our Republican Texas Attorney General Paxton over ‘charges’ that even the DOJ decided not to pursue against Paxton.” – Dana Krasinksi

“Dade Phelan should never have been elected again. If only we had staunch conservatives who would take a stand for their beliefs, this would not have been accomplished!” – Charlie George

“Yes; Phelan needs to be ‘censured’ and removed from the speakership. But then, all RINOs need to learn what it means to be a ‘conservative’ Republican.“ – Joe Zimmer

“What took so long?! Phelan should be done and gone…yesterday.” – Bette Cox

“Yes, Dade Phelan needs to go… and he is from my district.  I truly believe that he does NOT espouse the same conservative principles that the majority of Texas Republicans, including myself, hold dear.” – David Barton

“If more censuring of Dade Phelan will help end his obstructionist political career, then GO FOR IT!” – Betty Bailey-Lucas

“They should censure all ‘Republicans’ who supported Phelan as well.” – Alan Smith

“Phelan is no friend of Republicans.” – Priscilla Love

“I had to choose ‘yes’ because ‘hell, yes’ wasn’t an option!” – Steve Sullivan

“As a member of the Tarrant County GOP Executive Committee that tried to censure Dade Phelan, my answer, along with the vast majority of my fellow EC members, is a resounding YES! “ – Tamma Gunn

“As a past State Republican Executive Committee chairman for Senate District 21 and a long-time Guadalupe County precinct chairman, I strongly favor the censure of Phelan and his ‘spit in the eye’ attitude against the legislative priorities of the Party that put him in office. I also favor the censure of every Republican House member who turns a blind eye to the party they claim to represent. My sincere hope is to see a primary opponent for each of these Republican failures.” – Terry Harper

“Censure of Phelan is a first step; he needs to be removed from office.” – Al Crable

“Phelan definitely needs to be censured! He is a RINO. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any other politician work so hard to vote against what his party wants.” – Cathy Blake

“Dade Phelan is a rot that needs to be dug out of the Republican Party and Texas government.  His fellow RINO Lynn Stuckey should suffer the same fate.” – Roger White

“Defeating Dade Phelan in the next election should be priority number 1.  So long as he is speaker of the House, our conservative Republican agenda will be thwarted at every turn.” – Michael Wooten

“It looks as though very few conservative bills will make it out of committees as long as Phelan is speaker.” – Collin Farrell

“Dade Phelan isn’t even pretending to be a Republican anymore, and his bad example is encouraging others to follow suit with their total disregard of the grassroots.” – Cindy Armstrong

“Phelan is the poster boy for the definition of a RINO.  His censure is long overdue!” – Rowland Greenwade

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