There are fewer newspapers in Texas today than in 1943 when the state’s population was a third of the current size.

Yesterday, we asked if readers subscribe to a local newspaper.

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Here is a sample of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“A majority of papers are not NEWSpapers, they are propaganda peddlers for the Democrats.” – Pamela Millisor
“All the news I need I get from Texas Scorecard! They have the 411 on almost everything going on in Texas, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I tell everyone to subscribe!” – Dara Richardson
“I read The Texas Minute every morning.  It’s the only Texas News Outlet I actually trust. I stopped watching the Local News a couple of years ago. Can’t trust the TV stuff either.” – Rick Goncher
“I live in Houston, the Chronicle isn’t fit to line my cat boxes.” – Kimery McKaskle
“I’m 61, and I’ve never subscribed to a newspaper.” – Bob Davis
“Newspapers are obsolete in today’s world, and they literally become trash that needs disposal the day after they’re published.” – Kathy Fisher
“For 37 years I have subscribed to the Austin Statesman, which no longer is a local paper.  It is printed in Houston and controlled by Atlanta.  It is no longer a journalistic newspaper, but a progressive advocacy publication written to advance an editorial partisan viewpoint in every article in every section.” – Patrick Bell
“My local paper is more ads than news but I do subscribe to Epoch Times.” – Dee Wingo
“I have never had a paid subscription to any newspaper.  I have found that most anything of real value and importance can be found through other sources such as radio and free online publications like Texas Scorecard.” – Roger Taylor
“I stopped taking a daily paper years ago because all the news was slanted by the liberal press.  I haven’t owned a TV in 15 years because there was nothing worth watching.  I am free.” – Alan Smith
“The Newton County News ceased publication earlier this year.  I had a paid subscription for over 20 years.  I miss my local news.” – Kathy Hillman
“Today, the printed papers can only report yesterday’s news and offer no late-breaking reports which has crippled their importance as news sources and the Opinion pages are often too left-leaning for my interest. I read the online Obit section from a paper in my childhood area to see which schoolmates I may have recently lost, but all other news comes from digital sources.” – Michael Edinburg
“I have not subscribed to any local newspaper in over a decade. I did when I ran for city council in 2010 to stay in touch with local issues and read the ‘Letter to the Editor’ comments.” – Ron Smith
“Why would I waste my money on something that regurgitates the same garbage as the rest of MSM.  I HAVE THE TEXAS SCORECARD!  They report the real news!!!” – John R. Makow
“The major local newspaper seems to be more concerned with influencing its readers rather than presenting the news in an unbiased manner and allowing the reader to examine the facts and interpret as they deem appropriate.” – Billy Hale
“I canceled my subscription to the local newspaper when it became a rerun of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, with little local news and most of that incorrect. I canceled the Star-Telegram when I realized that the news there was ‘yesterday’s news,’ as I had already gotten the current news online and/or on radio or TV. The ONE thing I look to print newspapers for is the obituaries, but the local paper charges to read them.” – Charlene Roberson
“Our local newspaper, the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung, is referred to as the ‘daily diaper’ because sometimes there is something in it, sometimes not.  They use ‘AP’ which means Amalgamated Propaganda to me – I simply ignore those.  The obits are the only useful info.” – Glenn Breitung
“One major paper near my town and it’s as liberal as you can get. No, thank you.” – Patricia Forsythe
“Since I am literate, I curate my news from both like-minded sources as well as opposition sources. One must chew the meat but spit out the bones.” – Laura Nunn
“I have a subscription to our Jefferson paper, but will probably not renew because it has only one opinion contributor and it is very liberal.” – Gary Hunt
“The Left destroyed newspapers with their lies, and sadly we miss out on a lot of important local news that binds us together as communities. I sorely miss that part of the local newspaper. ” – Tim Rhodes

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