Yesterday, we asked readers to consider the results of the legislative session – as it relates to conservative priorities and the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton – tell us who it seemed was running the Texas House: Democrats or Republicans.

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Here is a sample of the responses we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“Phelan says he’s a Republican, but it is obvious that he is not. So, I have to say Democrats are in charge since Phelan appointed Democrats to committee chairmanships even though Republicans are in the majority.” – Debra Davis
“Dade Phelan runs the House, and he owes his position to Democrats and a handful of Republicans. So, he is going to give Democrats plum assignments and he isn’t going to cross them very often. ‘Who will you support for speaker?’ should be the prime question Republicans ask their candidates in the primary this year.” – Jerry Harben
“The fact that Governor Abbott had to call a special session to pass Republican priorities says it all.” – Glenda Piacenti
“In regards to who ran the Texas House this session, I’d include not only Democrats, but lobbyists, special interests, left-wing activists, and corporate extortionists to the list of enemies Little Drunken Dade and his band of Flying Monkey RINOs surrendered to. With ‘Republicans’ like Phelan, who needs Democrats?” – Mike Phillips
“Definitely Democrats, because a large number of the folks with an R behind their names are Democrats in Republican clothing.” – Fran Rhodes
“How is it that our supposedly red majority can’t seem to fight their way out of a decidedly purple paper bag?” – T.R. “Randy” Dyer
“One of the hardest buttons to push for me, but I had to push the Democrat button on this one. Sadly, Phelan has the Republicans hogtied…embarrassing.” – William Wallace
“What we have in the House are a lot of wolves in sheeps’ clothing! That might explain why we can never elect (select) a conservative speaker!” – Jim Mcbeth
“Communist goal #15: Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.” – Sheila Domstead
“There are no Democrats that are really Republicans. Sadly, there are a bunch of Republicans who are really Democrats.” – Kermit Heaton
“It certainly appears Democrats are running the show in the Texas House ‘Why,’ is the question. Republicans have–for far, far too long–allowed Democrats, the far left, to dictate the arguments and therefore the overall narrative. The only reason seems to be fear. Fear of looking mean or heartless. Reacting to that fear makes them do foolish things that are genuinely mean and heartless. The thing they feared the most comes upon them.” – Roger Taylor
“Honestly, I don’t feel like we have Democrats and Republicans any longer. It’s a uniparty. No one seems to actually care about we the people!” – Dawn Martin
“The Democrats are definitely in control of the house. Maybe the House will wake up next session and put a true conservative in as speaker of the House, like Tony Tinderholt. Things might get done for the Republican agenda.” – Danny Thompson 
“A RINO is just an undercover Democrat.” – Bob Davis
“The Texas House with the help of Dade Phelan and his RINO followers are using the Democrats to control the House and prevent legislation desired by conservative Republicans from being addressed and passed. We must elect conservative leaders. Too many Republicans are asleep.” – Sam Bridges
“Frankly, Democrats seem to be in control of everything, not just the Texas House. And then we have all these RINOs who actually seem to be Democrats in Republican clothing.” – Nancy Wood
“I said Democrats because I believe that many of our Republican reps don’t care about Republican priorities and would be comfortable being Democrats. The only reason it seems for them to cling to the Republican brand is that they couldn’t get elected in their districts otherwise.” – Mike Masterson
“Every representative for my district has an R behind their name, but looking at how they vote, a D fits them better.” – Barbara Campbell
“Even though Reps are the majority, they don’t act like it.” – Jeffrey Mayer
“Democrats are running the House through their proxy, Phelan. Follow the money and it will lead you to Phelan’s pockets and his buddies that vote with him.” – Jim Hughes
“Failing to pass a majority of the Texas Republican Senate’s legislation is all the proof needed to show the Texas House, under Dade Phelan’s leadership, is controlled by the progressive Democrat Party!” – Michael Edinburgh
“The House is definitely run by the Democrats, led by the best Democrat of them all: Dade Phelan. He, along with the other 63 or so RINOs, have done nothing but derail conservative legislation and promote leftist agendas. I wish we could do more than just vote them out. They need jail time for running under false pretenses and thereby lying to their constituents.” – Garry Ludwig
“If Republicans would quit letting Dems run the show, then we would have an effective House of Representatives. Can’t imagine it could get worse than the current speaker of the house but then I did not think it could get worse than his predecessor, either.” – Virginia Platt
“The GOP platform largely failed this past session because people we elected to represent us refuse to represent us. The people of Texas need the power to recall those who fail us.” – Mark R. Juelg
“It is shameful that our supposed House representatives are busy avoiding or attempting to nullify the priorities of those who elected them. I think the voters should get a full refund.” – Dave Anthony
“Although Texans continue to elect Republican majorities in the Texas House, the body is effectively controlled by a coalition of RINOs and Democrats. This coalition has joined together to continually elect RINO speakers of the Texas House since 2008. In turn, the speakers appoint mostly RINOs and Democrats to head committees, effectively preventing Republican priorities from being enacted.” – Wayne Hill
“If the Republicans were in charge, as they should be, don’t you think we’d have had more success getting our priorities passed?” – Pat Hoffman

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