Education freedom is a long-standing priority of the Republican Party of Texas. While supported by Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and the Senate, proposals for “school choice” have died repeatedly in the Texas House despite having a GOP majority.

Yesterday, we asked readers if they believe lawmakers will pass a comprehensive “school choice” plan in the upcoming special session. 

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Here is a sampling of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“If legislators wish to remain viable in the upcoming election, they will.” – Nancy Burrus
“A bill might be passed, but it will be so watered down it will be useless.” – Lamar Lawson 
“Taxpayer-funded lobbyists and RINO allegiance to Phelan and the Democrats will prevent any meaningful legislation from being passed.” – Ed Scruggs 
“The Republican party has a history of not following through on the goals, so I don’t trust them to deal with school choice. I pray they will deliver school choice as our public schools have been failing students for years, but I do not trust the Republicans to follow through.” – Virginia Platt
“It will be interesting to see who is running the house in two weeks. See if Phelan’s money is more powerful than the grassroots’ megaphone…” – Gerald Dietz
“I’m afraid Dade Phelan will plan another impeachment instead.” – Sharon Sapp
“They need to clean up all the schools and start teaching our children instead of indoctrinating them and lowering the standards. It’s a shame that our children are so far behind other countries.” – Sandra Crawford
“There have been many quality education activists, including myself, who have worked tirelessly to call attention to this issue being a trojan horse for the federal / state governments to be able to mandate curriculum to all schools and to teach the destructive woke agenda that has permeated the nations schools and destroyed our children’s minds. Religious-based and other private schools will be destroyed once they accept vouchers.” – Cynthia Grubb
“Abbott’s School Choice bill is substandard and discriminatory, plus Democrat-controlled Phelan won’t allow a true school reform legislation to pass.” – Debbie Wolgemuth
“As long as Dade Phelan is allowed to remain the speaker, there will be no meaningful legislation passed.” – Stan Lewis
“The Legislature is not interested in doing what the PEOPLE want, they only want to consolidate their power.” – Charlene Roberson
“Perhaps if the House had less Democrats who call themselves Republicans a la Dade Phelan type, but not much hope now, so I put ‘No.’” – Rachel Salajean
“While I certainly hope so, I don’t see how the same cast of clowns should be expected to do something different.” – Joseph Tortorice
“The Texas legislature has had ample opportunity to address school choice, as well as border security. However, they have failed miserably! I don’t believe this special session will end any differently.” – Kent Kirby 
“I hope I’m wrong, but the current “Republicans” in the house can’t seem to pass anything Texas Republicans demand. The house is pathetic under Phelan’s watch.” – Eric Knutson
“Unfortunately, most Texas politicians do a lot of talking without results. If Abbott wanted to close the border he would actually do something about it. If RINO Dade wanted to get things passed he’d bring important issues to the floor. The list goes on!” – Priscilla Love
“The Texas Senate will, but the Texas House of Representatives won’t even pretend to take action.” – David Crouch
“If past voting records are any indication of what will happen during a special session,  no, nothing productive will happen. Our state representatives are a joke and need to go… all being leg by the corrupt Dade Phelan!” – Deb Hillis 
“Texas should fund our public schools as stated in our constitution. No public funds should be used for private, parochial or other unregulated school systems.” – Charlene Shafer
“The political pressure on Gov. Abbott guarantees some form of “school choice” bill will be passed.  How “comprehensive” it will be remains to be seen.” – Karole Fedrick
“Despite having a Republican Majority in the House of Representatives, we unfortunately have a Speaker that is a liberal RINO. As long as Dade Phelan presides as speaker,  allowing liberals to chair the committees, we will never have any good conservative laws passed.” – Reed Vestal
“I hope they don’t pass their school choice agenda because it really isn’t school choice; it’s just a way for them to defund public schools.  Charter schools need to be defunded, and any school that does not have to follow state mandates for education should not receive public funding.” – Rhayma Keith
“I wish they would vote for school choices in which tax dollars followed the child. With the current RINO’s controlling the House, I have doubts it will happen.” – Steve Sullivan
“School vouchers are a veiled way of putting state money into private schools.  Next, will come the state’s claim that they have the right to make some regulations in private school decisions since there is government money now spent on these schools!  It also hurts public schools and does not come near close to helping defray the cost of a private school!” – Karen Richards
“School Choice legislation is an issue that Texas is past due in addressing. The only issue now is how many compromises will it take to get to the governor’s desk.” – Thomas Camardo
“I believe they will pass something, anything that’s called school choice or educational freedom,  just so they can check it off the list and move on.” – Fran Rhodes
“I do think they will pass some sort of school choice,  but it won’t be comprehensive. I find it difficult to believe that the same group that has repeatedly failed to deliver on their promises will do so now. “ – Douglas Miles

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