Longview Mayor Dr. Andy Mack made an “LGBTQ pride day” proclamation during an East Texas Pride event that featured a drag show with children in attendance. 

The drag show included a man masquerading as a woman dressed in a rainbow skirt dancing before a crowd—including young children—lip syncing and shimmying to LGBT Anthem: Lady Gaga’s “Born this way.”

“No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life, I’m on the right track, baby,” proclaims the song. 

Mack’s proclamation stated that, “Whereas the LGBTQ community requested the mayor by proclamation recognize June 10, 2023 as LGBTQ pride day in the City of Longview.”

“The City of Longview has a diverse LGBTQ community which includes individuals from all walks of life, all citizens and their families have the right to feel safe and not live in fear of harassment, persecution or discrimination,” continued Mack. 

This proclamation is just one of many Mack has done as mayor in support of the LGBT community during “pride” festivals since 2015.

The drag show went on for two hours, with another performance by Gemini Alexander Brooks, one of the organizers of the upcoming drag march protest of Senate Bill 12 that is set to take place in Longview.

SB 12 bans children from any shows of a sexual nature and goes into effect on September 1. 

Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes is a fellow at Texas Scorecard and student at Concordia University of Texas, where he is in the Pre-Seminary program. He is passionate about theology and gun rights topics.