Dr. Robert Malone, a vaccinologist and the co-creator of mRNA technology, called out U.S. public health officials for failing to alert the public to the COVID-19 vaccine’s potential side effects and accused them of conducting “fifth-generation warfare.”

In an interview with Chris Salcedo on The Salcedo Storm podcast, Malone criticized federal officials, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky and former Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, for downplaying citizens’ concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine’s safety.

“It was asserted to us that these products are safe and that we shouldn’t be concerned about administering them to our youngest children and to pregnant women and to the elderly or other susceptible populations,” said Malone. “There was a lot of denialism about the myocarditis and pericarditis, but that’s now become abundantly clear and … they can’t cover it up with their propaganda. ”

Malone drew attention to the lack of information on the COVID-19 shot’s long-term side effects, criticizing public officials and health experts for promising citizens that the vaccine is safe without adequate data.

“If you press them on it, about long-term safety, they have to fall back and acknowledge that they don’t really know what the long-term safety is because we don’t have any long-term data,” said Malone. “An 8-year-old could figure this out. How can you know about what’s going to happen five years from now when the product has only been deployed for a year and a half to two years?”

It’s very clear that we’ve been subjected to propaganda.

He also condemned public health officials like former White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx for pushing the vaccine based on “hope” instead of data backed by clinical research.

“They didn’t know that these products would be safe or effective—they just had hope,” said Malone. “This is in testimony and multiple statements and TV interviews. And so, to be blunt, it comes down to our public health officials substituted hope for science and for data.”

Malone said the effort to promote the COVID-19 vaccine amounts to “fifth-generation warfare,” a type of conflict conducted through misinformation, cyberattacks, and social engineering.

This information warfare we’ve been subjected to is like advertising on steroids. It is a battle for your mind and your thoughts and your emotions. The territory is not physical, it’s mental.

Malone encouraged citizens to speak out against disinformation and inaccurate statements whenever possible.

“On our side, we can do the same thing. … We should not promote falsehoods, but we absolutely, every single one of us, can act in a decentralized way to push the truth into everybody around us through social media, through chats in the grocery store line. We don’t have to be victims … you can all be truth warriors.”

The entire episode may be viewed here.

Katy Marshall

Katy graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 after majoring in history and minoring in political science.