In part two of this series we discussed the childishness of socialism. It’s also deadly.

The Soviet Union showed us that strong poison kills quickly. Greece is showing us that diluted poison kills less quickly, but kills nonetheless.

The Obama Administration is trying to recreate the United States in the image of Greece: a command and control economy acting to equalize outcomes. This system simply doesn’t work. What works is allowing people to freely meet market needs without government empowered to redirect or halt activities as they see fit.

Leftist politicians use traditional language and deceptively fill it with new content. Our current President does it constantly, re-narrating “The American Dream” as a quest for outcome equality or a minimum standard of living paid for by the industrious. This is nonsense. “The American Dream” is the result of a world that longed for normal people to have the freedom to enterprise without paying the powerful for the privilege and without giving them fruits of their labor. In a sense, the opportunity to benefit from one’s own hard work is “The American Dream”. Radical’s dream of government that takes money from hard working people and gives it to those who haven’t has become “The European Nightmare”.

Socialism, or as it’s known in Europe, “Social Democracy”, is now proving just as useless as Communism. Americans can see clearly why the framers of our country wanted so badly to limit governmental power and scope.

Texans are ahead of the curve in keeping government limited and accountable. Unfortunately, modern man has become something of a remedial classroom when it comes to understanding good government, so being ahead of the curve isn’t enough. We must demand every governmental expense be justified, every abridgment of freedom be justified, and every dollar be accounted for. Until we’ve done that we have a long way to go.


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