Congress is a small independent school district in Arizona tired of receiving and complying with open record requests. So, the district with a lousy track record of timely releasing information, is suing concerned taxpayer Jean Warren.

The school has retained attorney Franklin Hoover who claims Hoover has “over exercised her rights” and contends that the school (or any entity) should be able to say enough is enough. In that vein of thought could Warren say enough is enough the next time her tax bill comes due?

Warren has said enough is enough and instead of not paying taxes or being destructive she is operating within the law, pursing information to make sure tax dollars are being used wisely.

This is a problem in many jurisdictions including some in Texas. Once these tax funded entities demonstrate responsible use of tax dollars and provide proof, without being compelled, taxpayers will stop asking for the information. We pay the bill and want to see the receipt.

Jean Warren is doing what most taxpayers don’t have the time or patience to do, making sure tax dollars are well spent. Transparency in government in Texas and across the nation will drive down open record requests but until then such efforts must be continued and amplified.

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Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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