With the world’s busybodies meeting in Copenhagen, it’s apparent they are a band of ideologues with a solution looking for a problem to which it can be applied. Establishment “science” is a tool of their brand of religion, facts contorted and distorted to fit the outcome which best demands their solution.

As the events of the last month have demonstrated, the climate facts simply don’t on their own justify the conclusions which have so conveniently been presented. Remember, it was just 25 years ago that many of these same doomsayers were promoting “global cooling”… with demands that only massive government could stave off a coming ice age.

When their silly cries fell on deaf ears, they re-cooked the books. Now it is global warming that must scare us into rabid, wild-eyed socialism.

The evidence for man-made warming AND cooling are simply not there. All we have are facts of changes in climate — changes which have occurred to greater and less degrees for thousands upon thousands of years. Even within recorded history, we know Greenland was actually once green — and not the ice-covered land we know today. And we read how the river Thames was often regularly frozen solid, and not free-flowing as in recent years.

But maybe that’s the problem with the left: they don’t read history, and certainly don’t learn from it. (Perhaps that’s why they de-emphasize history in the classroom, too? Make us as ignorant by fiat as they are by choice?)

The experience of Galileo is worth noting. He was a skeptic of the prevailing view of the world. He was a denier of established scientific thought. All the most reputable scientists accepted the consensus view of the structure of the universe.

The controlling institutions of his day gave him a choice: recant or die. Today’s institutions are much kinder to skeptics: recant, or lose funding and have your reputation destroyed.

But the truth has a funny way of permeating culture. It gets out despite the best efforts of the elite.

Let’s just hope enough truth escapes before the socialist elites can impose their solutions upon us.