Given the self-delusional world inhabited by many Liberals, it comes as no surprise that many of them are giddy with a Washington Compost report which claims the race for governor is now a toss-up.

The very liberal, and advocacy prone, D.C. Newspaper published this: “Texas (Move from Lean Republican to Toss Up): Former Houston Mayor Bill White (D) has more money in the bank than Gov. Rick Perry (R) and polling shows the contest close. It’s still Texas in a good Republican year, which should help Perry, but White is running an effective campaign to capitalize on discontent directed at the incumbent.”

Question number one: What polling is the Washington Post viewing? No poll of any reputable nature has shown White getting anywhere near 50% yet, all have shown Perry either a point or two below or above 50%.

Question number two: Exactly what has White done to effectively get the Perry camp off-balance? Nothing. But, White’s campaign remains on the defensive on immigration, gun rights and Washington versus Texas issues – some of the questioning coming from his fellow Democrats.

When it comes to economics and national security, Dems have long lived in a fog. To some degree, they are just as lost in politics.

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