In the third major political contest since Barak Obama took the oath of office, the people of Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts have rebuked the President. Two of the three states — MA & NJ — are blue, if not deep blue. Virginia, while electing a Democrat as US Senator (Webb) and Governor (Kaine) in recent elections, remains a culturally and politically conservative state.

It would have been terribly convenient for the White House had the electorate remained true to convention: a McDonnell win in Virginia; Coakley and Corzine wins in Masschusetts and New Jersey. Convention has been smashed.

The same independents and conservatives who stung Republicans in 2006 and 2008, continue to express their discontent with the governing class in America. Only the blindly ideological and wishful thinkers on the Left can maintain the deceit that when Americans voted for “hope and change” that they were validating a mandate for substantial strides toward socialism. In other words, they misread why the Republican congressional majority collapsed in 2006 and misunderstood the currents that helped Barak Obama win the presidency in 2008.

The status quo, to many people, is plainly disconcerting: the erosion of freedom, the drift away from constitutional principles, the suffocating embrace of government subsidies, handouts and payoffs, and the condescending attitude of many in Washington who believe we are incapable of self-governance. Barak Obama, rather than fostering change, is only magnifying the unrest by doubling down on the fundamental cause of Republican defeats in successive national elections.

Even contemplating passing a health care plan while by-passing a final vote in the U.S. Senate shows utter contempt for the clear and unequivocal concerns expressed by Tea Party activists, independents and constitutional conservative Republicans who form the backbone of the American electorate.

Last night, Scott Brown spoke for millions of Americans: we’re all the 41st vote against Obamacare. And the White House better get the message.


6/17/24 Politically Motivated Lawfare in Texas

- Texas Supreme Court to review decision permitting ‘lawfare’ against Attorney General. - TLR targets free speech law ahead of Legislative Session. - Dallas City Council approves resolution condemning Border Security Legislation.