Members of the Texas GOP congressional delegation have announced a border security framework “by Texans for Texans” to address the needs of the state amid the ongoing border invasion.

As millions pour across the Texas-Mexico border and are released into the United States, Texas is spending billions in an attempt to slow the oncoming traffic.

In response to the crisis, Texas’ representatives to Washington, D.C., are committing to completing the physical border infrastructure, fixing border enforcement policies, enforcing laws within the interior, and targeting the cartel and criminal organizations flooding the U.S. with drugs.

Regarding infrastructure, the framework includes plans to complete President Donald Trump’s border wall, build roads along the river for easier patrolling, and clear out the brush along the river that allows smugglers to hide and escape Customs and Border Protection agents. The lawmakers also want to increase recruitment for CBP agents and reimburse Texas for its border expenses.

On the policy side, the framework seeks to require all individuals who cannot be detained at the border to be turned away, using programs similar to the Migrant Protections Protocols or “Remain in Mexico” policy that placed illegals into a third safe country, where they remained while their hearings were held.

Additionally, the framework plans to defund all non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that encourage the violation of U.S. law, as well as end the “catch and release” policies of the Biden administration and their abuse of prosecutorial discretion and parole authority. The framework would also require that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which operates inside the U.S., remove individuals here illegally, as is consistent with their mission.

Lastly, the framework would designate cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), allowing the U.S. to “offer a variety of sanctions, penalties, and authorities that would allow the government to prosecute or deport every member, associate, and affiliate.” It would also strengthen the penalties for human and drug trafficking.

“No one understands or appreciates the widespread social and economic costs of Biden’s unprecedented open border crisis like the people of Texas,” said U.S. Rep. Jodey Arrington (Lubbock). “It only makes sense for the Texas Delegation to lead the way in using every tool and authority to secure the border, defend our sovereignty, and protect our citizens—and all Americans—from this epic disaster.”

All but one of Texas’ 26 Republican congressional representatives have signed onto this border security framework. U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales (San Antonio) failed to endorse the framework, but this is not the first time Gonzales has bucked his GOP colleagues; he previously voted to codify gay marriage into federal law.

Fox News said, “The framework is the latest sign that Republicans are gearing up for a heavy focus on border security in the upcoming Congress” as Republicans retake the majority in the U.S. House.

In the meantime, Ken Cuccinelli, former attorney general of Virginia and senior fellow at the Center for Renewing America, recommends Texas Gov. Greg Abbott utilize his constitutional authority to repel and return illegal border-crossers to Mexico now, rather than await federal action.

Sydnie Henry

A born and bred Texan, Sydnie serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard. She graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and is utilizing her research and writing skills to spread truth to Texans.