Get the popcorn! It has been nearly a month since it was revealed that bigots exist, and yes, in the Democratic Party. What an embarrassment! Last year, the treasurer of the Bexar County Democratic Party had siphoned $202,000 from the county party, and in the fall out, a new county chairman was elected since the previous one had proven to be incompetent. I think it’s safe to say that the Bexar County Democrats wish she was back because the new chairman, Dan Ramos, has shown himself to be ignorant and bigoted. Incompetent is obviously preferable to this current chairman; plus, its more typical of Democrats.

Ironically, liberals always try to make it seem as if ignorance and bigotry are synonymous with conservatism. Naivety aside, the truth is that ignorance is impartial to political affiliation and exists in the fringes of our society, and as the Democrats are learning the hard way, even within their own ranks. This may come as a shock to some, but not to me. It is a difficult time to be a Democrat in Texas, and seeing the chairman of a large county act so recklessly must really hurt, it has even prompted the state chairman, Boyd Richie, to call for his resignation.

However, it doesn’t look like a crazy like Dan Ramos plans on stepping down anytime soon. Radicals always try to use Nazis and the Tea Party in the same sentence, but in describing his detractors, Ramos has also added gays and blacks to that list. Republicans, on the other hand, work past differences in a more mature way, sometimes, and try to keep from attacking our own party in ridiculous ways or slandering segments of our society.

Regardless, the recklessness of Mr. Ramos has placed an already fragile Bexar County Democratic Party in an even more precarious situation and presented Republicans with an opportunity. In a situation like this I think it is important for the Republican Party to join in condemning the actions of this off-the-wall Democratic leader. If you do not agree with someone, that is fine, but it is another thing to be demeaning, much as Mr. Ramos has been, even to ones own party.

Neither party is perfect, but for a party that has been so quick to point the figure and call conservatives racists, it is interesting to see the Democrats handle a true bigot such as Mr. Ramos who has shown them the ugly truth that ignorance is not a partisan issue but a character issue. I hope that a party that is so frequently rote with scandals would learn from its mistakes and begin to reevaluate itself rather than take its frustrations out on conservatives who have proven to be nothing that liberals accuse them of being.

Oh, and we’re still waiting for substantive proof that bigots, like Mr. Ramos, are rampant in the Tea Party movement, Republican Party, and conservatism in general . . . at the least they’re just a fringe element, and not in any sort of leadership position.


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