State Rep. Valinda Bolton (D-47) is a pleasant lady, but she seems to have a spotty memory. Her campaign sent out an e-mail this week claiming she beat former State Rep. Terry Keel two years ago. Facts are so pesky: Terry Keel retired from the Texas House, gave up the seat. Bolton beat Austin businessman Bill Welch in 2006.

Now, Bolton is being challenged in the general election by someone named Keel — auditor and taxpayer advocate Donna Keel. Like the former State Rep. Keel, Donna Keel is a strong fiscal conservative.

In the rush of a busy campaign, Rep. Bolton can be forgiven the slip of a fact like who her ’06 opponent actually was.

What cannot be forgotten is that Bolton’s record on taxpayer issues is worse than her political memory. She scored a dismally low 21.4% rating out of a 100% scale; she voted against taxpayer interests nearly 80 percent of the time. Taxpayers should forget about Bolton and vote for Donna Keel.

Michael Quinn Sullivan

Michael Quinn Sullivan is the publisher of Texas Scorecard. He is a native Texan, a graduate of Texas A&M, and an Eagle Scout. Previously, he has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine contributor, Capitol Hill staffer, and think tank vice president. Michael and his wife have three adult children, a son-in-law, and a dog. Michael is the author of three books, including "Reflections on Life and Liberty."


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