A staggering economy, jobs disappearing and businesses failing. So what’s State Sen. John Carona’s solution? Tax hikes and tax increases. Way to go, John Carona… Is he really a Republican?

Carona is going to be carrying the water for weak-kneed city officials who don’t want to actually vote to hike taxes to fund wasteful spending in the Metroplex. His legislation would give us:

  • A hike in the gas tax;
  • A new tax levied on parking;
  • A fee for “mobility improvement”;
  • A new fee on vehicle; and,
  • Double the driver’s license fee.

Oh, and as an added measure to ensure we don’t attract any new jobs, Carona would add a new fee on people moving into the Metroplex.

Where is also this money going? To fund trains people don’t want to ride that go places only the city bureaucrats want to be.

And, of course, to pad the pockets of various lobbyists and big-shots.

Maybe Carona and his friends didn’t hear about the economic crisis going on?

John Carona should be ashamed of himself. Levying new taxes and fees is never a good idea — but especially not in a bad economy. Even Barack Obama and the liberals running Congress aren’t proposing tax hikes.