Let’s take a look at Tarrant County’s new mask mandate.

1) Businesses must develop and post a Virus Policy.
2) The Virus Policy must require masks in close quarters (unless mask use would impair providing services).
3) It’s not really a mask, but a face covering.

Break out your Lone Ranger and Batman masks.

Garcon, take off the mask and take my order.

This is still all wrong because people are making law who should not be. But if I were a restaurant owner, I’d just post a policy stating that our waiters will wear a mask upon request, or even establish a mask section and a non-mask section, and meet the desires of the customer. But as a customer, I can tell you that it impairs their service. Your preferences and experience may vary.

But be aware: if I had a restaurant, and I made this policy, and I got a ticket, I’d have an energetic and fairly aggressive attorney that would work for my restaurant at no cost. If you take what I am writing here as legal advice as though it is some sort of code, just remember that it’s not legal advice for YOU, but only that it’s what I’d do, and it’s not legal advice.

Warren Norred

Warren Norred is an attorney in Arlington, Texas.


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