As Austinites continue struggling after a year of devastating government-mandated shutdowns, riots, and last month’s arctic storm, a seemingly quiet Monday evening was interrupted by several dozen communists chanting slogans in support of killing babies.

The proximate cause was the so-called “International Women’s Day,” a communist-inspired pseudo-event that has gained popularity as the social media era has created an insatiable demand for filler content.

According to a flyer obtained by Texas Scorecard, the event was sponsored by the “Popular Women’s Movement,” a self-described Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization; this is ironic, considering at least two of them were rapists, as well as the fact that abortion victimizes mothers and kills women in the womb.

Marchers, for the most part, offered insipid platitudes such as, “One solution: revolution.”

One chant, however, was chilling:

“Women organize and fight. We’ll defend abortion rights!” they yelled.

But these chants are unsurprising. The gruesome history of abortion in places like the former Soviet Union speaks for itself.

On top of that, leftist beliefs have already infiltrated the local government and been enacted upon citizens.

The Democrat-run Austin City Council, which includes self-proclaimed socialist Councilmember Greg Casar, has put hundreds of thousands of public dollars toward killing more babies. The council has also given a sweetheart $1-a-year downtown land lease deal to abortion mill Planned Parenthood.

Texas Scorecard will continue to monitor the situation. Citizens concerned about the Austin City Council spending taxpayer money on killing children may contact their representatives.

Adam Cahn

Adam is a longtime conservative activist and an avid UT and Yankees fan.


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