Dallas Independent School District has confirmed that they will be implementing a sex education curriculum from an organization that promotes cross-sex hormone usage to highschoolers. 

Last week, an investigation exposed DISD’s expansive communications regarding gender identity and sex education.

The district has since confirmed to both the Dallas Express and Texas Scorecard that they adopted an after-school program called ‘Positive Prevention Plus.’ The program is run by Healthy Futures of Texas (HFT). 

Robyn Harris, deputy chief of communications for DISD, told the Dallas Express that the after-school program will address “the importance of healthy and rational choices relating to interpersonal relationships and sexual behaviors.” 

However, when asked about the curriculum, both the district and HFT declined to provide any additional information. 

Harris told Texas Scorecard the program is only for high school students and, as of publication, schools in DISD have yet to opt in to participate in the program.

A spokesperson for HFT told the Dallas Express that the agreement was executed in the spring semester of 2023. They also stated they are currently working with principals to implement the program and to send opt-in forms to parents. 

Texas Scorecard also received a response from Ayona Anderson, a spokesperson for HFT, who said the curriculum materials are copyrighted and HFT is not the copyright holder; therefore they cannot provide the information. Anderson also confirmed that HFT has made minor adaptations to its curriculum for Texas audiences and reiterated that the program is voluntary.

“This is a voluntary after-school program for 9th graders that parents can choose to opt their teens into. It provides information on teen pregnancy prevention and healthy relationships. Dallas has high rates of teen pregnancy, with a baby born to a teen mother once every four hours, so this is important information for the population,” explained Anderson.

HFT’s ‘Data and Resources For Youth’ webpage promotes an organization called the Resource Center, which advocates for cross-sex hormone usage, provides a multitude of resources related to gender mutilation, and offers instruction on how to go about ‘affirming’ a child’s gender identity.

Also included in HFT’s resource list is a website called Bedsider, which gives teens resources for sex and birth control methods. Bedsider also offers an abortion provider finder, which helps teens find clinics nationwide that will kill children in the womb. 

Additionally, as a part of HFT’s educational curriculum, they include a “Pride Guide to STIs,” which instructs young teenagers on how to hide their breasts and other genitalia to look more like the opposite sex. Both ‘chest-binding’ and ‘tucking’ have been known to cause numerous health problems, including fractured ribs, damaged blood vessels, and urinary tract infections.

Furthermore, HFT also linked to a group called Sex, etc., which promoted ‘National Masturbation Month’ for young adults. Their page also gives a crash course on gender and gender identity, claiming that sex and gender are unrelated. 

“It is appalling that DISD would continue to promote the evil and dangerous usage of cross-sex hormones,” Brady Gray, president of Texas Family Project, told Texas Scorecard. “Further, the school has no role or responsibility in exposing kids to sexual content at any level or age. The area of sex education is the responsibility of parents, they must take back the reins.” 

“I urge parents in all school districts to investigate what your children are being taught and demand that schools educate, not indoctrinate,” said Gray.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.