Grayson County Pride invited both adults and children to their “Pride Prom,” which included a sexually charged drag show, but changed the location at the last minute to prevent protestors from attending.

Like other similar events hosted by Grayson Pride, this event catered to “people of all ages.”

The “Pride Prom” had originally been set to take place at Pecan Grove Park West in Sherman, Texas. Grassroots organizations, including Protect Texas Kids (PTK) and individuals focused on defending the innocence of children, were prepared to peacefully protest the event.

However, just hours before the prom would begin, Grayson Pride sent out an email to ticket purchasers, privately informing them they had changed the location of the event “due to rain.”

The rain the organizers spoke of had already happened earlier that morning, and the forecast for the rest of the day was sunny and warm.

The organizers explained in the email, “Our favorite officers have requested that the rain venue does not get publicly posted for security reasons. Our number one goal is to have a safe event.”

“Reminder, this is a family friendly event,” they clarified in the email.

Despite Grayson Pride’s attempts to keep the new location a secret, PTK leaked the venue—a First United Methodist Church—on social media, and the protestors were able to make an appearance.

“Why are so many ‘churches’ hosting these disgusting show[s]?” PTK demanded.

During the event, PTK reported several children attending the event, as police officers escorted cross-dressing men and “furries” to the church’s doors.

“While we protested, we saw at least 20 children and teenagers walking into the venue, along with a handful of drag queens,” Kelly Neidert, executive director of PTK, told Texas Scorecard.

Multiple counter-protesters showed up later that night to defend the drag show targeting children.

“The ‘Pride Prom’ was already an inappropriate event for kids to attend, but it was made even worse when the organizers decided to include a ‘kid-friendly’ drag show,” said Neidert.

“LGBTQ events and drag shows are never appropriate for kids, and it’s especially disturbing that a ‘church’ was hosting this one,” Neidert continued. “Until legislation is passed to address this issue, Protect Texas Kids will continue peacefully protesting these events.”

After seeing news of the event, Jill Glover of the Republican Party of Texas called for action on Twitter: “Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priority Stop Sexualization of Texas Kids. Why are children being targeted? Let’s pass the bills to stop drag shows for kids.”

Legislation to ban drag shows targeting and sexualizing children is currently stuck in committee in the House, having yet to receive a date on the calendar for a vote on the floor.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.