As the situation at the border continues to impact Texas border cities, El Paso is mirroring Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan by chartering buses to send illegal aliens to New York City.

In Fiscal Year 2022 alone, there have been 1,946,780 encounters at the border, with last month bringing in 199,976 encounters.

Though primarily run by Democrats, El Paso has adopted the tactic of busing illegal aliens out in an attempt to relieve the city of the overwhelming number of illegal migrants coming across the southern border.

The El Paso Office of Emergency Management said the move to charter buses was due to safety and space concerns.

According to Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino, the buses provide safety to the illegal aliens and preserve the community’s transitory shelter capacities for the homeless population.

D’Agostino also explained that the OEM has been providing transportation for immigrants out of El Paso, and individuals on the bus asked to be taken to New York City.

“The trip to New York City was specific to a group of individuals who asked for transportation to New York City. This group had no sponsors, so the City of El Paso and OEM offered and sponsored their transportation,” said D’Agostino.

City officials have announced they will be working with the State of Texas to continue to process illegal immigrants and transport them out on buses. On Monday, the Texas State Guard was seen at the welcome center where the illegal aliens are being held.

The city’s busing plan is similar to Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan earlier this year to voluntarily bus illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., and New York City. While some Republicans have supported the effort, citing the attention it has brought to the issue of border security, others have claimed that it amounts to little more than a gimmick.

Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, has vocally criticized the plan and supports declaring the crisis an invasion and stopping illegal aliens at the border

“It’s a cute photo op, but it just places people who shouldn’t be here further into the country,” Lake said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas earlier this month.

The bus trips have cost Texas taxpayers more than $12 million since they began in April.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.