While many voters focus on legislative and executive races, the judiciary — particularly the Supreme Court of Texas — wields profound influence over the State’s economy and the lives of 25 million Texans. The president of Empower Texans today announced the organization’s first judicial endorsement for 2012, encouraging voters to re-elect Justice Don Willett to the Texas Supreme Court.

“Justice Don Willett has forged a sterling conservative record, honoring the rule of law and never legislating from the bench,” said Michael Quinn Sullivan, who leads Empower Texans (www.EmpowerTexans.com).  “Justice Willett is regarded as the most conservative member of our Supreme Court, and his judicial philosophy has been hailed nationally as the judicial antidote to ObamaCare.”

Justice Willett grew up in a doublewide trailer in Talty, Texas, raised by a single mom who waited tables at the local truck stop.  The first of his family to attend college, Justice Willett was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2005 to fill an unexpired term. He was elected to his first full term in November 2006. Before joining the Supreme Court, he served as Deputy Texas Attorney General and chief legal counsel to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

“Don Willett is a proven and resolute strict-constructionist who has worked diligently to advance individual liberty, promote personal responsibility, and protect property rights,” said Sullivan. “All Texans who prize liberty and a conservative judiciary should fight to keep Justice Don Willett on the Texas Supreme Court.”

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