After a lengthy discussion, the Fort Worth ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to implement a new sex education curriculum. 

The curriculum up for discussion was the abstinence-based sex education program called “Choosing the Best.” 

The program’s website states that its mission is to “Educate teens on the health advantages of delayed sexual activity and empower them to make the healthiest choices, in order to reduce unplanned pregnancies and STDs, improving life outcomes for teens and their families.” 

During the meeting, many residents spoke in favor of the abstinence-based curriculum due to it not including any gender fluidity content. 

One resident spoke saying that the youth have been lied to about sex education and safe sex.

“There is no safe sex. Young people, you need to hear this today because people have lied to you. There’s no doctor who would have any type of safe contraceptive sex with somebody who’s battling an STI. It would not protect you,” he said.

Another resident, Rosalie Escobedo, who is also the executive director of Citizens Defending Freedom of Tarrant County, spoke in favor of the curriculum. 

“I’m in support of ‘Choosing the Best’ in that this abstinence-based curriculum is superior and closer on moral alignment to the objective of preserving the purity of the youth,” said Escobedo. 

Other residents were against the curriculum, with some calling supporters “extremist Christian nationalists.”

“To date, sex education has not been taught because of these extremist views, and their use of our campuses as a battleground over LGBTQ+ rights,” said Jennifer Nelson. “To choose a curriculum that does not acknowledge the existence of sexual orientation or the gender identity of anyone is discriminatory and deprives an entire section of youth equitable education.” 

Another student from the Young Women’s Leadership Academy also stood up and asked the board to vote no, saying adults have bullied her LGBT friends. 

“How can you vote for this?” she asked. “Have you seen what’s been happening? Adults bullying our youth, especially my LGBTQIA+ friends. Good sex ed is based on science, not politics. Keep your religion out of our classrooms.” 

The board unanimously voted to approve the new curriculum despite the pushback. 

Tarrant County GOP Chair Bo French posted to X following the vote saying, “For too long, local officials, elected in so-called ‘nonpartisan’ elections have pulled most everything our community does hard to the left. It’s time we shine a light on the disgusting, reject the evil, and pursue an agenda that puts the interests of parents ahead of radicals.”

The full meeting can be viewed here.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.