The city of Fort Worth is using taxpayer dollars to put on a series of movies that blatantly push left-wing political positions. The city is doing this under two separate banners – Movies That Matter and Movies That Matter Latino.

According to the program website, “Movies That Matter Latino is a quarterly film series that celebrates the diversity that exists within the Latino culture.” The broader program, Movies That Matter, is described as “a program of the Fort Worth Human Relations Commission, which was created in 2010 to celebrate diversity and inclusion, as well as bring attention to human and civil rights issues locally and around the world.”

The most recent film in the series was shown on September 2nd under the Movies That Matter Latino banner. It is titled Clinica de Migrants: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. According to the film’s description, “This documentary goes beyond the politicized rhetoric to show the faces of real people in the immigration debate, asking if America can continue withholding basic necessities from an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants.”

On September 6th, the more broad Movies That Matter program will be showing Malcolm X: An Overwhelming Influence on the Black Power Movement. This film is described as diving deep into the ways in which Malcolm X “changed America through revolutionary ideas, actions and strategies.” This particular showing will be hosted by Fort Worth City Councilmember Gyna Bivens’ office.

Why is Fort Worth, the most conservative major city in Texas, using taxpayer dollars to host free screenings of movies with an overt left-wing agenda? This is especially troubling considering Betsy Price, the Republican Mayor of Fort Worth, campaigns as a fiscal conservative.

According to her campaign website, Betsy Price is “a strong fiscal conservative” who believes in “leading a fiscally responsible city.” Further, Mayor Price supposedly believes “that business principles can be applied in government to ensure every tax dollar is used responsibly and effectively.”

What, exactly, is fiscally responsible about using taxpayer dollars to fund free screenings of movies with which the majority of your constituents strongly disagree, Mayor Price?

Zachary Miller

Zachary Miller is a lifelong Texan and a student at Baylor University. A part of the University Scholars honors program, he is triple majoring in History, Political Science, and Philosophy. Zachary is currently a contributor at Lone Conservative and a Fellow at Empower Texans.


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