As the border crisis continues, with around 84 percent of illegal aliens encountered in March crossing into the U.S. between the legal ports of entry, citizens living along the border are fed up with the dangerous conditions.

Border resident Alison Anderson told Texas Scorecard that besides the recorded numbers, “the numbers of got-aways that we have been seeing reported here in the Del Rio Sector since about mid-March alone have been ranging anywhere between 2,000 and 4,000 a week. And even then, that number is just a guess of how many are truly getting away unseen and undetected.”

South Texas is bombarded with crossings, but the number of “give-ups” who turn themselves in to Border Patrol is drastically lower than the number of illegal aliens attempting to evade law enforcement.

“We have seen nothing but a constant and steadily increasing flow of groups of illegals cutting through our properties since this administration took office,” said Anderson. “We have groups of illegals loading out off of our property regularly, and the amount of dangerous smuggling pursuits in our area has also skyrocketed.”

Anderson is extremely concerned about dangers associated with illegals attempting to evade law enforcement, stating, “We already know that there have been many violent gang members, convicted sexual predators, convicted murderers, and even terrorists that have been caught in these groups of illegals crossing between the POEs [ports of entry].”

“We as property owners have groups of illegals surrounding our homes, damaging our property, and there has been an increase in property owners having to confront aggressive groups of illegals on their properties, with some ending in assaults on property owners,” explained Anderson.

“It’s overwhelmingly catastrophic,” she said, explaining how she has to live in a state of constant vigilance to protect herself and her young daughters.

“It’s hard to find the appropriate words to fully encompass how this has all impacted our life living on the southern border, but it certainly and undeniably has,” said Anderson.

“We’ve already had DPS pursuits end on our property. We’ve already had groups of illegals set fires on our property. We’ve already had groups of illegals up on our decks and looking in our windows after dark, trying to see if anyone is up or who is home. We’ve already had groups knocking on our young daughters’ bedroom windows at night. And we’ve already had groups of illegals trying to break into other homes in our neighborhood,” Anderson added.

Anderson said she recently confronted a smuggler on her property, who refused to leave because they were waiting to pick up a group of illegals.

“It’s because of the amount of constant dangers present, like these mentioned, that I do carry a firearm at all times and I am prepared to protect myself and my daughters from every single one of those dangers that exist on our property,” said Anderson:

But it is mentally exhausting at times, too, because no American should have to live like this. I shouldn’t have to carry a firearm just to sit outside and watch our daughters play on the swing set or ride the horses. And they, as children, shouldn’t have to worry about “bad guys” while they’re outside playing or not be allowed to go outside and play at all because there’s yet another group of illegals that has crossed the river and is headed toward our property. But sadly, that is our reality down here.

“The soaring increase in got-aways simply means that for us, our encounters, the damages, the amount of dangers I have to encounter, and the number of violent criminals coming through our property is just going to continue to increase,” explained Anderson, calling for action.

“Exactly what number of got-aways is going to be enough to see something finally done to stop this?!” she demanded. “Because that number isn’t going down! We are long past the time for talking about resolutions. Texans need action to be taken, and taken now! We are drowning down here in groups of illegals, and it is extremely dangerous to allow things to just continue the way they are.”

Although Anderson attributed the dangers to the Biden administration’s “ridiculous and failed border policies,” she says it’s past time for Texas to step up and secure the border.

Sydnie Henry

A born and bred Texan, Sydnie serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard. She graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and is utilizing her research and writing skills to spread truth to Texans.