The Lubbock newspaper has reported that democrat state rep. Joe Heflin is going to have a Republican opponent. This is hardly news since David Andrews of Jones County has openly been running for some time. What may be news is who else gets in the GOP race for the seat long occupied by Pete “Pay-in-Cash” Laney.

Word is that Andrews hasn’t been very impressive to other Republican Party leaders in the district and, as with last election’s candidate from Jones Co., Isaac Castro, may not have what it takes to give Heflin a tough race in November.

I’m specifically aware of two other potential candidates interested in the GOP nomination for HD85 and they’ve got until January 4th to file. What will matter most is having a candidate who can clearly demonstrate the fraud that Heflin has been.

He’s no West Texas conservative, instead he’s an expander of the welfare state and about every other objectionable program designed to take your money and give it to someone else.

[Heflin’s Fiscal Responsibility Score from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility was only 33%.]

Before Laney’s seat became available, Heflin was attempting to have the governor appoint him judge of the 72nd District Court. I played a substantive role in that appointment and received a phone call from Heflin in which, he explicitly told me he was a Republican through and through, and had always been so. He said he ran for county judge as a democrat only because there was no GOP primary when he ran: he lied on both counts.

People who know Joe may like him but, my own firsthand experience indicates he lacks integrity and should be replaced – no matter from what party he is nominated.

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