Last week Governor Perry announced the deployment of special teams of Texas Rangers to our border with Mexico to deal with increasing violence. Perry said it was necessary, in part, because the federal government has failed to address growing problems there, the AP reported.

Remember that Perry asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for National Guard troops earlier this year, and renewed that call last month in a letter to President Obama. The Feds have failed to act.

The AP wrote: Perry’s announcement Thursday comes amid increasing border violence, particularly in El Paso, mostly involving people with ties to Mexican drug gangs.
Perry said the effort also would focus on remote areas where farmers and ranchers have complained of being overrun by smugglers and gangs from Mexico in numbers that also overwhelm local law enforcement and border patrol officers.

Bu what do we get from the campaign for Texas governor of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison? “Today’s announcement is yet another empty election-year promise from Rick Perry on border security,” Hutchison spokesman Joe Pounder said.

Apparently Hutchison and her team have been so involved in D.C. that they’ve failed to notice that Governor Perry has, for several years now, been taking border security very seriously. May we take it, from their dismissive statement, that Senator Hutchison is not concerned with the extreme violence along the Texas border?

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