El Paso ISD Superintendent, Dr. Lorenzo Garcia, came out in opposition to taxpayers’ interest in cutting outside the classroom, despite the administrative bloat found in the district.

ABC-7 compared El Paso ISD data regarding the district’s staff and salaries to Arlington ISD, a district that spends 56.3% on instruction and $8,609 per student. They found that El Paso ISD has about 400 more employees than Arlington ISD, despite having about 400 less students.

But Dr. Garcia doesn’t think that El Paso should cut down on administration, even though other ISD’s are getting by with less, because their administrators “did not receive a raise last year and they didn’t receive a raise this year…”

What an inconvenience! But who can blame him for wanting to protect that $280,000 salary he makes?

Thankfully, El Paso ISD Board Members are not fooled. As one member said, “I can tell you right now, we are definitely going to be looking at salaries.”

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