Once again liberal hypocrisy is on full display and in such a beautiful way in Wisconsin. Due to a multi-billion dollar budget deficit, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has decided to take on the unions who are burdening his states budget by temporarily cutting pay and limiting the practice of collective bargaining.

It almost amazes me how hypocritical liberals are and how quickly they forget their own words. Remember when only the right was violent and everything terrible in America came from the lips of conservatives? Well, we didn’t forget all of the “Bush = Hitler” signs or fictional movies about President Bush’s assassination, but the left definitely tried to since President Obama was elected. In the end though, it turns out that you can’t ever truly escape your past, and the brave actions of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have got the left so upset that they can’t contain their hatred! Not only has the Wisconsin situation unleashed the anger in the left, but it has made the media’s liberal bias even more evident.

While I do not agree with the unions and liberals protesting Governor Walker’s proposed budget, I think it is their right to protest. I just wish they would do so with some respect. After all, this is what a representative democracy is built around; we have a right to vote for our representatives and we have a right to disagree with their actions. The problem here is that for the past two years the left has ironically been all “holier–than–thou” as they watched the power of the Tea Party grow until it culminated in many victories in November. Before November 2010, Democrats not only held the governor’s mansion in Wisconsin, but both legislative chambers. Thankfully that is no longer the case and the left just cannot stand the idea that their policies failed the state of Wisconsin and subsequently failed their party at the polling booth.

However, this is no excuse to act the way they are acting. If you look at the mainstream media’s coverage of the Wisconsin protests and contrast them with the coverage of the Tea Party protests its actually kind of embarrassing for these supposed “news” stations. Tea Partiers are inherently racist because President Obama is black, regardless of what anyone tried to say–that was the mainsteam media’s perception. On the other hand, the protesters in Wisconsin are heroes who are trying to thwart some evil Republican conspiracy to destroy unions so they can force workers to work with little pay or benefits. (Am I right?) Maybe the protesters are just ageist. Maybe those who are protesting Governor Walker’s budget cuts have an inherent prejudice and hatred of my generation. After all, it is the youths of Wisconsin who will have to pay for continued fiscal irresponsibility in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin tried fiscal irresponsibility for a long time, but in November they decided to give Republicans a chance which is why the state swung in such a big way. It might be tough for unions to finally have someone stand up to them, but they need to at least give the governor a chance. I think the left just wants to have a shouting match, busing people to the Wisconsin capitol to grab headlines and supporting legislators who are abandoning their duties by crying and running off to Illinois. Grow up! You lost–deal with it. Conservatives did! We realized why we lost in 2006 and 2008; it was because we had lost our way and lost the trust of most Americans. So yes, conservatives took to rallying so that they could influence those who were in office to return to principle, but more importantly conservatives did so in order to reevaluate the Republican Party. No one is perfect, but if you’re voted out of power maybe it was because people didn’t like what you said, not because they “weren’t listening.”

But in typical liberal fashion, rather than deal with a loss like an adult they decide to up the ante and tell protesters to “get a little bloody”, as Congressman Capuano (D–MA8) suggested. Wow, that sounds like they’re “inciting violence.” This time I’m serious. It’s not like a colloquial phrase referencing hunting; this sounds down right radical. That’s the difference. Conservatives use colloquial phrases we can all relate to and liberals just straight up tell you to mess the place up if people stop listening to you. To be honest, there is so much more that can be said about the liberal hypocrisy that is on full display in Wisconsin, but even some on MSNBC are starting to get it. Rather than attempt to tell you all the cases of hypocrisy and bias here I’ll let you see for yourself in this attached video, produced by the Republican Party of Wisconsin:


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