Wednesday morning, after reading Lubbock County Judge Tom Head’s comments about an Obama-lead U.N. invasion, I said that he would be on the Drudge Report by day’s end and I was right. Head made it to red letters on the top row of the main listings – way to go Judge Head!

I said what I believe appropriate on Pratt on Texas Wednesday, and I’ll repeat some of that here but, I also want to address what I’ve heard and read from so many others after that.

First, it is clear that all Head was trying to do was justify his switch from taxpayer advocate to tax-hiker. I was right about that and to Judge Head I repeat: Judge, nothing Obama is doing requires you to support a tax increase and grow the sheriff office budget (and the sheriff is not just requesting more patrol but once again wanting more office staff.)

Judge, you were among those who promised a multimillion dollar annual operating savings if voters approved building a jail. It was those saved funds which were to then fund extra patrol officers in the sheriff’s office. If you and the commissioners were wrong in making that promise, then you need to first slash your salaries to make up the difference as this was the key selling point of building the jail.

Now, what’s with all this embarrassment talk?

I’m not even slightly embarrassed by Judge Head’s comments, not because I necessarily agree with anything he said but, because I’m not Judge Head. He said what he did, not Lubbock Republicans, not Lubbock County residents or anyone else. Unless you’re married to him, or an immediate family member, why be embarrassed? All the embarrassment talk seems a bit adolescent to me and misses the point that hits your pocketbook.

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