The city of Mansfield is looking to expand its appeal and services to more out-of-towners thanks to previous visitors. The city council is considering letting the Mansfield Economic Development Corporation, or MEDC as it is so well known around here, to conduct a study on the need for future facilities that would include full service business centers and possibly a convention center. What Mansfield has done right is that they are using a small portion of the hotel revenue tax they have generated, $29,000, to conduct the study.

Mansfield, which has boomed in population over the past decade by almost doubling its residents, has added several hotels over the past 3 years. However, these hotels only offer minimal services such as maybe a continental breakfast and no business center. This does not help in landing some of the visitor business that Mansfield is seeking, especially with Mansfields’ convenient proximity to the new Cowboys stadium and the soon coming circus known as the Superbowl in 2011.

The city of Mansfield has a spotted past in bringing in outside money with the fiasco that was Big League Dreams in the past few years. However, that risk has shown to pay off and this is a result of that. Hopefully Mansfield will continue to build its wealth through outside dollars and in turn work on bringing down our property taxes!

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