A newly elected District Attorney has made a startling hiring decision to bring aboard the attorney responsible for the perversion of justice that occurred with the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast case.

In Williamson County, incoming District Attorney Shawn Dick recently replaced incumbent Jana Duty during the 2016 Republican Primary. Dick, in making his staffing decisions for the office, has brought aboard Sunni Mitchell – the attorney who colluded with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston after undercover journalists found overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing by their employees.

The Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast case was an almost hyperbolic failure of the justice system – because of Mitchell’s involvement. In that case, undercover journalists uncovered overwhelming evidence of Planned Parenthood intentionally altering procedures in order to sell the body parts of aborted children. Had the system not failed so dramatically, those responsible within Planned Parenthood could have been brought to justice.

Instead, in a tragic irony, the journalists who uncovered the shocking information were indicted and now face jail time. As Texas Right to Life’s Emily Cook notes, “Additional evidence has come to light that Mitchell colluded with Planned Parenthood’s Houston lawyer as well as with officials in California to indict the journalists, sharing information that was proprietary and strictly prohibited by the Texas Office of the Attorney General.”

That’s not the only abortion-centered debacle in which Mitchell has been involved. In 2013, Mitchell failed to obtain an indictment of Douglas Karpen, a late term-abortionist who allegedly killed infants surviving abortions and maimed several women in the process. After Mitchell failed to obtain an indictment on the alleged criminal activity, a U.S. Congressional panel found the evidence against Karpen to be clear and referred their findings over to the Attorney General for prosecution.

As Cook notes, “Either Sunni Mitchell’s allegiance to the abortion industry clouds her ability to perform her formal duties, or she is incompetent.”

In addition to this baffling hiring decision, Dick’s history doesn’t inspire much confidence for taxpayers and conservatives. As the Austin-American Statesman reported back in February of 2016, Dick has had sizable federal tax liens against him and his wife in Blanco and Williamson County for over 8 years.

As their editorial board stated, “For a potential public servant to be multiple years behind on paying taxes is no small matter, whether the liens are for business or personal reasons. The fact that the issue has festered for eight years also suggests that Dick may not have the administrative acumen to identify a problem and either clear it up quickly or call in the right person to help.”

Unfortunately, it looks as though he’s bringing that lackadaisical level of commitment to his contract with the conservative voters and the office in which they placed him.

Greg Harrison

Gregory led the Central Texas Bureau for Empower Texans and Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he got involved politically through the Young Conservatives of Texas. He enjoys fishing, grilling, motorcycling, and of course, all things related to firearms.


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