According to new records obtained by the Dallas Express, Dallas Independent School District is contracted with an organization that provides sex education and promotes cross-sex hormone usage to high schoolers. 

In response to an open records request sent by the Dallas Express, documents reveal that the organization will teach Dallas ISD students about gender, sexual orientation, and “LGBTQ+ bias.”

Earlier this month, Texas Scorecard reported that DISD had adopted an after-school program called ‘Positive Prevention Plus’ run by Healthy Futures of Texas (HFT). 

Robyn Harris, deputy chief of communications for DISD, initially told Texas Scorecard that the district was not in partnership with the organization. However, a document obtained by the Dallas Express shows that DISD signed an official partnership agreement with HFT on January 31, 2023.

Texas Scorecard again reached out to Harris, who claimed “there are many more complexities and nuances” to the reporting done by the Dallas Express. She also asserted that the curriculum “is not being taught.”

The “Positive Prevention Plus” program requires an opt-in form from parents for individual students to participate. Lessons included in the program are “Gender and Sexual Orientation,” which would cover “LGBTQ+ Bias and Its Effects.” Other lessons included topics such as contraception, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, as well as how to wear and use a condom properly.

The program started in California in 1993 and was rolled out to California’s government schools in 1999. According to the curriculum website, the course includes “Guidelines for working with LGBTQ students.” The 2021 high school course included topics like abortion, gender, sexual orientation, and various other LGBT issues.

The agreement between DISD and Healthy Futures of Texas mentions that lesson plans from the program can be removed if the district chooses to do so. It also states that they will remove the lesson components such as links and references to—a website that directs women and girls to abortion clinics—and omit the Family Planning Chapter reference to abortions.

Harris told the Dallas Express that the course will be entirely run by the North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens (NTARUPT)—which merged with HFT last year. The estimated cost to implement the program is reported to be $15,750 per year, which Harris claimed would be covered by NTARUPT. 

As stated earlier this month, no schools have adopted the program yet.

However, HFT is currently working with principals from the district to implement the program and send opt-in forms to parents. They also maintain that the program is a “voluntary after-school program for 9th graders that parents can choose to opt their teens into.”

As reported by Texas Scorecard, HFT is known to promote an organization called the Resource Center, which advocates for cross-sex hormone usage, provides many resources related to gender mutilation, and offers instruction on how to go about ‘affirming’ a child’s gender identity.

Additionally, as a part of HFT’s educational curriculum, they include a “Pride Guide to STIs,” which instructs young teenagers on how to hide their breasts and genitalia to look more like the opposite sex. Both ‘chest-binding’ and ‘tucking’ have been known to cause numerous health problems, including fractured ribs, damaged blood vessels, and urinary tract infections.

According to the documents, the after-school curriculum has 13 lessons: Life Planning, Gender and Sexual Orientation, Healthy Relationships, Relationship Abuse, Human Trafficking, Preventing an Unplanned Pregnancy, Teen Pregnancy: Choices and Responsibilities, The HIV/AIDS Epidemic, Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections, Protection and Communication, Using Condoms Correctly and Consistently, Media and Peer Pressure, Accessing Community Resources, and Steps to Success.

“It’s sad but not surprising that the more Texans pull back the curtain at government schools, the more instances of indoctrination they find,” said Brady Gray, president of Texas Family Project.  “Texas needs universal school choice, now!”

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.