After a Democrat judge ruled a mother has power over her young son’s medical decisions—specifically, medically “transitioning” him into a girl despite objections from the boy’s father—grassroots activists in North Texas are calling their fellow Texans to help end this crisis and protect children from forced gender modification.

On August 11, Dallas Democrat Judge Mary Brown ruled that James Younger’s mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, can subject James to procedures that will medically alter him into a girl. This reversed a prior order in October from a different judge, who gave Georgulas and her ex-husband, Jeffrey Younger, joint custody, and required both parties to agree before carrying out such decisions. Younger has long fought his ex-wife on this issue, saying his son has shown no interest in becoming a girl.

North Texas grassroots are outraged. Texas Scorecard received feedback on the ruling from several local grassroots activists.

“The mother keeps going to court and spending more and more money, and taking more and more of Jeff’s money, and just refusing to give him the right to speak truth to his child,” Janie Brittain said.

“This is not a matter that should even be in discussion,” Mitzi Money said:

“This is a child that is having his life forever changed by another adult, and it can’t be undone if she completes what she desires to do. And that is child abuse of the most horrific kind.


“It should be against the law. There should be law passed that the courts know this is illegal. This shouldn’t be happening.”

Kim, another local activist, said, “That kind of decision shouldn’t be made until the person is an adult and can make that decision for [themselves].” She added, “With all the liberal judges in Dallas, she’s going to get her way, I think.”

Not if Texans get involved and hold their elected officials accountable, like the pro-First Amendment group Current Revolt is doing with their call to action. “We drew a line in the sand and showed Judge Mary Brown and the world that Texans will publicly oppose state-enforced sterilization and child experimentation,” Tony Ortiz, executive director of Current Revolt, told Texas Scorecard.

State senate candidate Shelley Luther, who herself has faced injustice in court and became a hero among grassroots earlier this year for reopening her salon during Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide shutdown, also shared her concerns. Luther recalled when, as a high school teacher, she and the rest of the faculty were required to refer to a certain student by a gender different than his birth gender and to punish those who made fun of him. “It was a nightmare,” Luther recalled. “It was a nightmare for the kids, it was a nightmare for me, it was a nightmare for that child.”

It’s not just James Younger at risk, either, and it isn’t only a Dallas issue. “It’s happening to lots and lots of children around the state,” said Jill Glover, State Republican Executive Committeewoman for Senate District 12. The good news is that Texans can take actions to stop this and protect all of our children.

“This particular priority—banning gender surgery, cross-sex hormones, and anything that attempts to transition a minor child—came in at No. 3 [of Texas GOP legislative priorities],” Glover said. “We are going to make sure a bill gets filed.”

She cautions, though, that having a bill filed, or even carried by legislators, doesn’t guarantee it’ll be signed into law. “Representatives will say to their people back home, ‘Oh, yes, I absolutely agree with you on this issue, and we’re going to get that legislation done.’”

“Behind closed doors, they’ll kill that bill for various reasons.”

In that situation, what can Texans do?

“Here’s what’s most important: find out where you live, who your state senator is, and who your state representative is,” Glover explains. “And then you call them, you send them emails, you contact their staff, and you say, ‘I want a bill that bans gender modification in the State of Texas for kids under 18.’”

But she stresses that Texans can’t stop there.

“You’ve got to follow up with them. You’ve got to let them know that you’re watching them, that you’re watching how they vote,” she advised. “Until we start firing our legislators who are not performing for us, they’re going to continue doing the things that they want to do, and they’re not going to do the will of the people.”

“We need everybody to stand up,” Luther said. “Talk about it, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Make other people uncomfortable until they’ll talk about it. We have to do everything we can to save these kids, because what if they grow up in a few years and say, ‘What did I do? I wish I wouldn’t have done that.’”

“Making them wait doesn’t hurt anything,” she added.

Speaking on her candidacy, Luther sheds light on how she would address this situation as a state senator. “I want to protect parents,” she said. “Because if both parents are good parents, they should have equal rights to see that child, and that’s the best thing for that child. Anyone that says different is wrong.”

“If I’m elected, I will go in there and tell them right from wrong because that’s what God is telling us.”

Concerned Texans may contact their state representatives and state senators.

This article has been updated since publication.

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.


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