Democrat hopes of a blue wave were dashed against a high red wall in Montgomery County, where Republicans ran up massive margins of victory. The solid Republican turnout cements Montgomery County’s status as the reddest suburban county in Texas.

Most Republicans won approximately 75 percent of the vote in Montgomery County, the same as in 2016. Despite the fact that Democrats poured massive amounts of money and volunteer time into making a dent in the historically red county, their efforts failed to even move the needle.

“I sit down this morning to write this with a heavy heart,” said Democrat County Chair Marc Meyer. “There is no other way to say this, but our wonderfully qualified candidates were washed away by a red tide of straight ticket Republican voters.”

At the top of the ticket, Senator Ted Cruz won 72 percent of the vote in Montgomery County, beating O’Rourke by a margin of 86,107- almost half his total margin of victory statewide.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Congressman Kevin Brady coasted to victory with 76 percent and 75 percent of the vote, respectively. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, a Montgomery County resident, won 73 percent in his home county.

Heading up the local ticket, State Rep. Mark Keough (R-The Woodlands) won 75 percent of the vote for county judge, despite efforts by establishment Republicans to sabotage his campaign. Melanie Bush and Melissa Miller won their races for Treasurer and District Clerk in the mid 70s as well.

Even in The Woodlands, where Democrats had organized the most, Steve Toth won a sizeable 67 percent for HD 15 State Rep., as did Matt Beasley, the new Pct. 3 Justice of the Peace.

Republicans were also successful in all the non-partisan races, some of which Democrats had won in recent years. Conservative incumbents on The Woodlands Township board, Brian Boniface and Bruce Rieser, were both re-elected in landslides. Republican activist Dale Inman also won a four-way race for the Conroe ISD board.

Montgomery County’s huge Republican margin is the result of its active grassroots conservative movement, and new bylaws passed this year that brought in new party leadership and revitalized the GOP’s decaying infrastructure. Republicans were organized down to the precinct level and were able to run a formidable GOTV operation. Block walking and mailers by the county’s two tea party groups were also instrumental in turning out the base.

While Democrats were competitive in many suburbs this cycle, they did not gain an inch in Montgomery County.

Reagan Reed

Reagan Reed is the East Texas Correspondent for Texas Scorecard. A homeschool graduate, he is nearing completion of his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Thomas Edison State College. He is a Patriot Academy Alumni, and is an Empower Texans Conservative Leader Award recipient.