Citizens are expressing frustration after an image of Fort Worth Independent School District board President Cinto Ramos Jr.—who has previously expressed opposition to in-person classes—surfaced on social media with what appears to be his child at a Dallas Cowboys football game. On Tuesday, the board will decide whether or not to extend their ban on in-person classes to October 30.

At their September 22 meeting, Fort Worth ISD board members will decide whether or not to extend their ban on in-person classes to October 30.

The district is scheduled to begin in-person classes on October 5, which Ramos previously opposed. “I cannot support going back to school in the near future after hearing the medical expert say he was not gonna put his kids in school,” he said.

On Sunday, an image surfaced of Ramos and what appears to be his child at a Dallas Cowboys football game.

“Paging everybody who pretended that FWISD school board Cinto Ramos Jr and Co. were actually concerned about gathering amid COVID, or were making decisions based on what is best for FWISD students or teachers…Y’all were played,” wrote Jennifer Engel, who also shared the image in her own post.

“The hypocrisy of Fort Worth ISD leadership is staggering,” wrote Christopher Kratovil. “Per the FW ISD Board Pres, it’s too dangerous to give parents the OPTION of in-person school, but his attending a Cowboys game with 22k fans is a fine idea.”

Another citizen mentioned that Nolan Catholic School in Fort Worth just completed its seventh week of in-person classes with no issues.

“School is essential,” commented Mike Bowers. “My daughter is a cancer survivor and has a team of doctors almost as big as the Rangers roster and not a single one opposed her going back to school. In fact, it was encouraged.”

Parents in Tarrant County have expressed frustration with local school boards pushing to ban in-person education. Back in July, they rallied when Tarrant County’s Public Health Authority banned in-person education. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton later issued an opinion saying PHA’s cannot close schools, followed by Tarrant commissioners voting down the ban.

“The [Texas Education Association] started this by telling the ISDs that to get funding, they could ask their local health authority to rule that it [posed] a danger to the public if students attended class,” Republican Tarrant County Commissioner Gary Fickes told Texas Scorecard in July. “Bingo! ISDs are happy because they now have a pathway to get funded. Teachers are happy because they get an extra month off! [Who’s] not happy? Mom, Dad, and our students!”

While public education officials are banning in-person classes, purportedly to contain the spread of the Chinese coronavirus, private schools like Fort Worth Christian are offering parents the option of in-person classes with proper safety measures or continuing virtual education. “We are going to screen our kids, and we’re trying to follow the CDC [guidelines] for opening schools,” Dr. Misty Overman, head of school of Fort Worth Christian School, told Texas Scorecard.

Public-school board members speaking against in-person education while attending in-person sports activities is a contrast that has upset the grassroots. “I agree with Emily McCoy. The hypocrisy is next level,” True Texas Project President Fran Rhodes told Texas Scorecard.

“Very typical of leftist progressives who believe in one set of rules for society and a different set of rules for themselves. We’ve seen it many times.”

Contact information for Fort Worth ISD board members is shown below:
District 1 Jacinto Ramos:
District 2 Tobi Jackson:
District 3 Quinton Phillips:
District 4 Daphne Brookins:
District 5 Carin Evans:
District 6 Anne Darr:
District 7 Norman Robbins:
District 8 Anael Luebanos:
District 9 Ashley Paz:

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.


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