What’s going on with Texas Child Protective Services? No doubt most at the agency are hard working folk trying to protect children from bad situations but, in the last couple of years enough bad things have been alleged to make you wonder if there is a culture problem within the agency.

The latest story comes from El Paso where this week a 51-year-old CPS case worker was  charged with having taken a 14-year-old girl to a motel for sex.

Just a bit more than a week ago we had this headline: CPS employees arrested on charges linked to murder of Hunt Co. teen. One of these folk was a CPS investigative supervisor. The indictment is sealed but the case is related “to the investigation of the murder of Alicia Moore, the Greenville teen found dead in a trunk last November,” according to KLTV.

Abilene listeners most certainly recall the on-going Klapheke case in which a CPS investigative supervisor, a resolution specialist, and the office director were placed on administrative leave following the “death investigation of 22-month-old Tamryn Klapheke at Dyess Air Force Base. The three were being investigated for allegedly not cooperating with Abilene police in the death investigation,” according to KTXS.

When the people paid to lookout for the safety and welfare of children at risk in our society become themselves a risk to those children, where do victims turn for help?

One lesson is that no matter a program’s intent, there will always be evil in the world and within the program. We should hold accountable those who break our trust; we should reject the utopianist plans of the Left for which another program and more money is always the solution to every perceived injustice, and; meanwhile Texas CPS should clean up its act.

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