On Monday I reported on Pratt on Texas, from the Rio Grande Gardian, that Kingsville state representative, J.M. Lozano, planned to leave the Democrat Party and run in the Republican Primary for re-election to the state house seat he currently holds. George P. Bush and others are credited with smoothing the way for Lozano who describes his voting record as conservative and “pro-life, pro-oil and gas, and pro-small-business.”

The small business owner told the Texas Tribune that his values are in-line with the Republican Party and the voters in his district. Lozano is a Texan and American by choice, he was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and became a U.S. citizen in 1986.

He told the Tribune that his attempt to take the Democrats in the direction of small-business interests was “fruitless.”

“Lozano will be the third Democrat to switch parties [recently], after Allan Ritter of Nederland, and Rep. Aaron Peña of Edinburg, switched in late 2010. Like Peña’s switch, however, Lozano’s decision is sure to cause a stir given the Latino legislator represents a portion of the Texas border traditionally known as a Democratic stronghold,” reported the Texas Tribune.

This can be nothing but crushing news to Texas Democrats because it is clear that they did everything in their power set an example with Rep. Aaron Peña by working to destroy his political career. Democrats once again have shown that it’s all about Party and ideology, not power for minorities as they claim.

Just like their efforts at the ballot box of late, the attempt to deter didn’t work. Welcome Representative Lozano.

Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt has been active in Texas Republican politics since the Reagan re-elect in 1984. He has served as Lubbock County Republican chairman, and in 2006 founded the Pratt on Texas radio network, providing the news and commentary of Texas on both radio and podcast. Learn more at www.PrattonTexas.com.