8 Term State Representative G.E. Buddy West was soundly defeated tonight by retired District Judge Tryon Lewis. What’s even more breathtaking is that Judge lewis completely reversed the percentage of voters in 2 of the 3 counties that make up HD 81 (approx. 68% – 32%). In fact Judge Lewis skyrocketed his returns in Winkler County defeating the incumbent by a very healthy 83% – 17%. Needless to say there will not be a recount in this race.

Clearly the voters of HD 81 wanted to send a loud signal that business as usual is not going to cut it any more. Mr. West (Retired State Rep.) seemed clearly confused as to what his campaign message was supposed to be. On one hand bringing in a gagggle of anti-Craddick endorsers and sugar daddies is not something you would expect from a guy who then sends direct mail to voters implying that Speaker of the House Tom Craddick supports you (which Speaker Craddick corrects immediately).

Having supported “Hate Crimes” legislation, in-state tuition for illegals and double crossing the Speaker of the House on more than 2 occassions is not the kind of stuff that will have you serving into double digit terms in the State House.

Kudos to Empower Texans for taking the time and effort to come way out here to West Texas (or is that now “Lewis Texas”?) to discover a new conservative to add to the “Conservative Cavalry” in Austin. We need Empower Texans members to stay in these newly elected candidates ears (and brains) until June 2009. Then we can take a very short rest until we start all over again.


5/17/24 Sexually Explicit Books Return

- Fort Worth ISD to return sexually explicit books to library shelves. - Gov. Greg Abbott pardons Army Sergeant Daniel Perry. - Texas GOP to elect new chair next week.