The removal of a witness yesterday during a senate committee hearing was startling but not without cause. The man was making physical threats and disturbing the day-to-day operations of the Senate.

A similar situation played out on the 9th at a Duncanville city council meeting. Only the threat made there was not one of physical violence, but the limiting of government spending. That scared Mayor David Green who had council member Paul Ford removed.

Ford proposed that instead of going to taxpayers for more money, the city manager’s salary should be cut and fees to various chambers of commerce reduced.

The grow government mayor of Duncanville took affront and had Ford removed. Councilman Ford spent 2 days in the hospital recovering from the injuries he received during his removal from the council chambers.

So much for the open debate the big-government left always says they support. Don’t want to hear from taxpayer advocates? Lock ’em up!

The mayor of Duncanville is sending a message to constituents and other Texans who would seek to limit his power: try me.

Well it is time that we did.

Local governments are out of control in their spending and Texans need modern measures to ensure tax dollars are no longer wasted. Transparency at our city and county levels will bring sun light and along with it a cleansing fire that will smoke out big government officials like Mayor Green.

Help us push for local transparency by signing our transparency petition at

We will send you a “Defend What You Spend” button you can wear to city council meetings, ISD board meetings or a day at the state capitol. Wear it as a statement that you expect your officials to be ready to defend what they spend at the ballot box.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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