Why are some liberal candidates hiding their records this election season? They seem to be avoiding a public stand on certain issues, and/or tying themselves to President Obama and his policies.

Take for example state representative Ryan Guillen (D-Dist.31) from Rio Grande City, and state senator Juan Hinojosa (D-S20) from McAllen. Both Guillen and Hinojosa represent the Eagle Ford area of Texas, yet their voting records reflect an anti-energy attitude. Guillen had legislative ratings of 92% in 2009 and 73% in 2011 from the Sierra Club. Hinojosa had ratings in of 100% from the Sierra Club in 2009, and 86% for a “Lifetime” score in 2011 from the Environment Texas.  They don’t mention their ties to anti-energy groups like the Sierra Club nor do they say anything about the Democratic Party’s and Obama’s green agenda.

Republican Ann Matthews of San Antonio is challenging Guillen, and she has stated clearly that she supports the energy industry in south Texas because it brings jobs and economic growth to south Texas. Likewise, Raul Torres, a Republican from Corpus Christi, has taken a pro-energy position as the best solution to the region’s unemployment problems and the nation’s independence.

Another example is state senator Pete Gallego, a Democrat from Alpine, who is running against U.S. Congressman Quico Canseco. Gallego got a 100% from the Texas Sierra Club in 2009 and 2011. He also was rated at 20% on social issues, personal liberties, and property rights the Libertarian Party during the same period.

Then there is state representative Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) who is running for the 20th U.S. Congressional seat vacated by Charles Gonzalez of San Antonio. He received 100% rating from NARAL and the Sierra Club in 2009 and 2011, but he keeps a low profile on that record.

While a majority of Texans supported the voter identification law and reduced state spending, Guillen, Hinojosa, Castro, and Gallego all opposed those bills. They also opposed the redistricting and the Sanctuary Cities, and they refused to sign the “Tax Payer Protection” pledge sponsored by Empower Texans.

When will these liberals owned up to their voting records? Guillen, Hinojosa, Castro, and Gallego have liberal voting records which are pro-abortion, spend-and-tax, and anti-energy business. They also seem to be keeping a distance from Obama.

The voters deserve to know who they are electing. These liberals may want to keep a low-profile on their record, but isn’t that deceiving the voters? The beliefs and positions of these four liberal candidates, Guillen, Hinojosa, Castro, and Gallego should be brought out into the light of day for all to examine and view. Why are they hiding their record?  They should be honest and tell the voters the truth about how they have voted in the past and what they really believe.

George Rodriguez
South Texas Political Alliance